Carlisle Indian Industrial School


  Mrs. Julia Bent Prentiss, '90, has long been silent, but this week the Man-on-the-band-stand stole a peep into a very breezy letter which gives news of others from Carlisle.
  Julia's husband, Noble Prentiss, is Agency butcher.  Julia is well now but gets the fever, prevalent in that country every summer.  The schools there now are having the measles.  Her little daughter Lavinia whom she named after her "beloved Carlisle teacher, Miss Lavinia Bender" died nearly two years ago.  Every one said she was a lovely child.  She still has two children.
  Kish Hawkins '89, named his little girl Emma, after Miss Cutter.
  A little baby has come to live with Mr. and Mrs. Block.  Mrs. Block was Mabel Buck, class '97.
  Veronica Holiday, '90, married a young man from the fort, and Ida Warren '94, married a gentleman from El Reno.  She is teaching at the Pawnee Agency.  Nellie Morrison is assistant matron at the Cheyenne School; also Sadie Alfrey.

 May 12, 1899 INDIAN HELPER


  We learn through a friend in Oklahoma that Sadie Alfrey, one of our Carlisle girls was married on July 8th to Deforest Antelope, Disciplinarian at the Cheyenne School, at Darlington, Okla.

July 21, 1899 INDIAN HELPER