Bear Mountain.  Tsait-kope-ta
Kiowa Ft. Marion POW.
BearMountain (tsait-kope-ta) 

        Julia Tsaitkapta. Rg 1329. Listed as kiowa, from the K,W & C agency. Father listed as Paul Tsaitkapta. Arrived at CIIS 3/16/00 aged 16. Departed 12/13/04 ill. Died 2/11/1905 in Anadarko. 

        Minnie AkKuam Tsait-Kopeta. Rg 1327 #1124. Listed as kiowa from the Kiowa Agency in Anadarko OK. Father listed as deceased, mother living. Arrived at CIIS on 10/18/1913 aged 18, was sent home 6/5/1914. Had previously attended Methodist Mission school 1899-1905 and Presbetrian Mission School 1905-1906. Had one ½ brotherand one ½ sister living, 2 brothers dead of TB, one siter dead (Julia?). [There was a lot of correspondence on her file. She was a disciplinary problem, accused of using peyote. Sent home, attempted to reapply in 1915 but her application was rejected.] 

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