Big Nose.  Pa-e-yis.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW
Went to Hampton: Pa-acys, Age 30 at arrival April 1878. Cause of Departure: Removal to Carlisle.  Died 1879.

Joy Fisher Info.

(39) Kei-is/Big Nose; 1 woman, 1 child, total 2; 

Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipe 2004 Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Fort Marion and Darlington Agency, Indian Territory Sections, File Numbers 42-56. Enrollment of Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribe of Indians at the Agency. (This census shows native name, English interpretation, number of men, women and children in the family with the total in family. Notation at end of this Cheyenne census states: "I certify on honor that the foregoing is a full correct and complete list of Cheyenne Indians - and those only - at the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, Indian Territory, who are entitled to subsistance. (S)" Jon D. Miles, U.S. Indian Agent, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, I.T., March 1st, 1878.

Minor artist; Nick Big Nose. Probably never arrived Carlisle. Died 1879 and buried in Hampton Cemetery.

Fear-Segal Notes from Plains Indian Art....

U.S. Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pa., June 13, 1885.
D.B. Dyer, U.S. Indian Agent, C&A Agency, Indian Territory.
Dear Sir,
The following students from your agency are entitled to return to their homes on account of expiration of the period for which they came: Lydia Big Nose, Jesse Spread Hands, Myra Cedar Grove & Cleaver Warden. These four are anxious to remain longer at the school, and it is my judgement they should. They are in good health and making satisfactory progress --- Casper Edson and Wm. Fletcher desire to return and come back in the fall. I should favor their doing so. Steve Williams says he wishes to return and help Mr. Vogt in the mission. Arnold Woolworth, Carl Matches, Kias Williams and Ernie Black wish to return and remain. They hope to get something to do. As Steve, Arnold and Kias are full grown men they can very properly take charge of their own future. Carl Matches and Ernie Black are still under age and might properly be held to school longer. Sarah Sitting Bull is reported by the school physician as having Scrofula and constitutional debility indicating that she had better be returned.
I would be very glad to have your views in regard to these students as early as practicable. Those that return will be started from here after the 1st.
Elkanah Dawson, Cheyenne, who came to us from your agancy, is also entitled to be returned: but his father is at Pine Ridge Agency and I will send him there.
In regard to Clarence Powder Face, I enclose letter from Dr. Given, which speaks for itself. I do not seem to have any grounds to ask for his return.
Very truly yours, /S/ R.H. Pratt, Capt. and Supt.
The money is placed to Clarences credit and subject to Powder Face order.
I mailed you a photo of your party taken last fall at Gettsburg.
O.G. Given to R.H. Pratt, June 13, 1885,
School Physician
Clarence Powder Face was "saturated with malaria" when he arrived at Carlisle Barracks, free of disease this year.
Text Copyright (c) 2005 Sipe/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Boarding School Files. Carlisle, Pa.
Big Nose

        Lydia Big Nose (rg 1328/1329). Listed as arap from Chey and Arap agency. Father given as Big Nose. Both parents living at point of enrolment. Arrived 9/21/1886 at age 19. sent home 5/11/1892 sick. 4 outings while at Carlisle -- Major J Alvord,Amherst Mass,3/24/1887-8/31/1887; W Morgan, William Grove 6/11/1888-9/14/1889; TMorgan, Washington DC,4/01/1890-9/6/1890; Major Alvord, College Station MD, 3/16/1891-10/1/1891. (Those sort of outing destinations point to someone interesting's daughter). [was this girl on outing at ndn commissioner's home?] Dead by 1904.

Genevieve Bell NARA database.

C&A Carlisle School File, (There is no date on this note)
Entitled to return home: Lydia Big Nose; Jessie Spreadhands; Myra Cedergrove; Clarence Warden. These are anxious to remain longer. Casper Edson; Wm. Fletcher; Arnold Woolworth; Carl Matches; Kias Williams; and Ernie Black also wish to return. Sarah Sitting Bull and Elkanah Dawson (Cheyenne)- father at Pine Ridge.

Text Copyright (c) 2004 John Sipes
(Berthrong Cheyenne Collection. Carlisle School Section.)

Big Nose, 65, full blood, Chey., by himself (widower), parents Nee-so-ge-woots-son, dead, and Antelope Woman, dead.

1902 C&A Family Registar 
Text Copyright (c) 2003 Ruby Bushyhead C&A Family Heirship and Estate Testimonies compiled by John Sipes.

Colony Courier, May 2, 1912.
White Wolf and family are  visiting with Fenton Antelope and Crooked Nose Wednesday at Deer Creek.
Bird Seward and his mother Mrs. Cut Nose have gone to Colony on business.
Big Nose and family have gone to Cantonment Monday to make an extended visit to his many nephews and nieces the Black Kettle children.

 Text Copyright (c) 2004 Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Newspaper Exerpts, Colony Courier.

Hearing Before E. B. Meritt, Assistant Commissioner Of Indian Affairs, Feb. 12, 1920, Washington D.C. "Concerning the wish of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians to have the Cantonment Boarding School continued."