Buzzard.  Mo-he-wih-kio.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW
NARA:Moqtaruhiyum / Howard Charlton

Minor Artist. Arrested as ringleader. 6''1". Jun-Oct farming in Lee Mass. Came to Carlisle Oct-Jan, died 1881.Minor Artist. Arrested as ringleader. 6''1". Jun-Oct farming in Lee Mass. Came to Carlisle Oct-Jan, died 1881.

Fear-Segal research

(14) Hes-ho/Buzzard; 1 man, 3 women, 1 child, total 5; 
Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipes 2004 Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Fort Marion and Darlington Agency, Indian Territory Sections, File Numbers 42-56. Enrollment of Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribe of Indians at the Agency. (This census shows native name, English interpretation, number of men, women and children in the family with the total in family. Notation at end of this Cheyenne census states: "I certify on honor that the foregoing is a full correct and complete list of Cheyenne Indians - and those only - at the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, Indian Territory, who are entitled to subsistance. (S)" Jon D. Miles, U.S. Indian Agent, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, I.T., March 1st, 1878.

        Howard Charlton (Buzzard). Rg 1327#300. CIIS ID 10. Cheyenne. Arrived at CIIS 10/6/1879 aged 27. departs CIIS 1/26/1880 sick. 

Genevieve Bell NARA collection.

Buzzard AKA Mo-he-wih-keo. That Cheyenne spelling does not sound right.  It translates like Elk----I will check that one out.

Buzzard was single when sent to Ft. Marion. He died before allotments (1892) and married Lighting Woman #236. They had two sons named Deafy Fletcher and Skunk Fletcher/Joe Fletcher. Lighting Woman died Jan.15-1928. Testimony of Skunk Fletcher states the parents of Buzzard were- 
Father, Coon and his mothers name was unknown. 

Howard Charleton I cannot place right now as the school or second name for Buzzard. I shall launch a search and get back to you but I would suspect this was his second name for there is no name of Buzzard or Howard Charleton showing up on the census after allotments that I can locate right now. 

Sipes email Nov 10, 2002

Colony Courier, Nov. 17, 1910

Mr. Deafy Fletcher and family who had been visiting his parents st Seger Agency passed through here Sat. on their way home to Eagle City.

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