Vol. 160:310-312 C.E. Shell to Commissioner, Feb. 11, 1909. 

Patent Application of Thomas Carlisle Bear Robe, allot. worth about 
$4,000.00, is nearly full blood, married, 45 years old,is a Medicine Man, 
travels with Wild West Show, has 120 acres of good farming land, 40 acres of 
sand on allot.,no debts. 

Vol: 158:250. Nina H. Carlisle, C&A Alott. No. 10, Lots No. 1,2,5,16,18 of 
Sec. 4-13-9, 142-53/100 acres. Little is known of this applicant, as she has not lived here since she was a child. She was educated at the Carlisle School Pa., and has lived in the East for several years. Her present address being Beverly, N.J. I presume she is capable, and therefore recommend that the restrictions be removed from her alott. 

From her NARA folder: RG 75, File 1327, Folder # 2358
Home address, care of  Thos Carlisle, El Reno, OK
fullblood Cheyenne
Father living; Mother deceased.
25 years old on arrival to the school December 11, 1908. Departed June 21, 1909. Reason: Her request.
Outing - William F. Murie, Hershey, PA. 4/22/09-5/10/09. Mr. Murie was a supervisor at the Hershey Chocolate Factory and he had recruited boys for a baseball team. Also was out with Percy Hipple in Beverly NJ. 5/17/09-6/9/09.
Entered Grade SP, Departed Grade 7.
Certificate in housework
In 1910 was working as a domestic in Beverly NJ. 
In 1911 married Gabaladon, a Mexican engineer, and they lived in Wichita KA.
1910 domestic Beverly NJ 1911 married  Gabalodon, mexican engineer living in Wichita KA

Letters written by Nina H. Carlisle, Box 93, Beverly, N. Jersey, to Chas. E. Shell, Ind. Agent, C$A Agency, Dated June 7th and June 17th, 1910- Requesting info. if it is alright to sell land for patent received and if patent clear from bing held in trust by U.S. Gov. 

Nina Carlisle shows on the April, 1, 1934, Census of the C&A Indians, C&A Agency, as: #487, Nina Carlisle, female, born 1884, 7/8 blood degree, widowed, head of household; #488, Robert Gabaldon, male, born 1921, 11/16 blood degree, son of Nina Carlisle. 

John Sipes (c) Copyright 2003. 

Text Copyright (c) 2003 John Sipe. Dawes Roll (Corrected), May 7, 1892. Roll no. and age:

928, Thomas C. Bear Robe, father, 36; 929, Nina Carlisle,  daug., 10 and at Carlisle; 907, Mrs. Greany, mother, 24, (wife of Thomas C.  Bear Robe); 908, John Greany, son, 6.

Nina Carlisle,19,full blood, Chey., by herself, single, father Thomas Bear robe.

1902 C&A Family Registar 
Text Copyright (c) 2003 Ruby Bushyhead C&A Family Heirship and Estate Testimonies compiled by John Sipes.

Nina Carlisle (Cheyenne) 
 Also worked in William F. Murie's home (he was the Hershey chocolate factory overseer who employed many CIIS boys.) 
 arrived 1889 age 6, stayed until 1902  re-enrolled 1908 till 1909.  Either sister or daughter of Thomas Carlisle. 

Genevieve Bell's database 

Our little Nina Carlisle took dinner at the club on Sunday. She eats with her fork as nicely and was as happy as a dear little school-girl could be. 
July 4, 1890 INDIAN HELPER

Nina Carlisle was one of our little folders this week. 
August 26, 1892 INDIAN HELPER

  Eight or ten little girls, under the leadership of Nina Carlisle, prepared a very entertaining little program and invited some 
friends to pass an hour with them on last Monday evening. The first number was a piano solo by Lizzie Peters. Louisa Cornelius gave a recitation, part in song, accompanying herself on the piano. Bessie Nick set us wonderng how we would like to be an Eskimo and other little girls did their part very creditably. The audience dispersed very well pleased with their little friends and are looking forvard to the next occasion of the kind, for it was hinted that the little people expect to give us something in that line once a month and we hope they will carry out the purpose. 
July 3, 1896 INDIAN HELPER

Returned From  Country Homes since the 11th. 
     Laura Amman. Clarinda Charles, Nora Jamison, Passaquala Anderson, Anneebuck, Gail H. Antone, Libbie Archiquette, Dinah Beck, Asenoth Bishop, Katie Callsen, Minnie Callsen, Nina Carlisle, Josephine Charles, Christine Childs, Louise Christjohn, Lizzle Chubb, Lulu Coates, Charlotte Cook, Louisa Cornelius, Martha Cornsilk, Minnie’Down, Abbie Doxtator, 
Alice Doxtator, Catherine Dykanoff, Martha Enos, Esanetuck, Susie Face, Susie Fisher, Rena Flyingcoyote. Helen Fraties, 
Dora Fritts, Anna George, Ida George. Gertie Gordon, Mary Kadashan, Evalyn Hammer, Rose Harris, Caroline Helms, 
September 21, 1900 INDIAN HELPER

Nina Carlysle and Grace Kie left for the country Monday morning. 
May 21, 1909 ARROW

A letter received from Nina Carlyle, who is at Beverly, Pa., states that she is in good health and enjoymg her work. She wishes to be remembered to all her friends. 
January 14, 1910 ARROW

Nina Carlisle, who is living at Beverly N. J., is coming to spend commencement week with friends. 
March 4, 1910 ARROW

   SPECIAL trains were run from Harrisburg and other points for the accommodation of visitors to some of the exercises. In addition to the large number who came for specific events, a large company were guests of the school and members of 
the faculty. Most of these remained all week, or for several days; among these were Hon. Robert G. Valentine, 
Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington...........Savannah Beck, class of ‘09, West Chester, Pa.; Mrs. Nettie Lavatta, 
New York City; Miss Nina Carlisle, Beverly, N. J.; Miss Fannie Charley, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.; Miss Eudociasedick, class of ‘06, Syracuse, N. Y.; Miss Melissa Cornelius, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa....... 
May 1910 RED MAN.
U.S. Dept. of Interior
Office of Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.
Education- Administration Circular #401, March 12, 1910.
To All Indian Superintendents
"Report and statistics on returned students that attended non-reservation schools in so far as the success or failure is concerned."
Carlisle, Pennsylvania. (Name and Occupation Shown Below)
Ernie Black, works by the day and has sold his land.
Harvey White Shield, looks after his own business and rents his land for a share of the crop.
Joe Pawnee, none at present. 
William Abe Somers, none.
Alfred Brown,none.
Charles DeBrae, farmer.
Henry Roman Nose, none.
Cohoe, none.
James Hamilton, none.
(The above Cheyennes)
Arapahoes: Comanche, none; Phillip Rabbit, none; John H. Williams, none, has sold his land; Francis Lee, none; Dan Tucker, none; Cleaver Warden, farmer; Tom Carlisle, none; Howling Wolf, none, (Cheyenne).

Text Copyright (c) 2004 Sipe/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Boarding School Sec. - Returned Students.

H.B Peiars, Chief Supervisor of Education, Haskell, Lawrence, Kansas, to Leo Bonnin, Supt. at Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, May 15, 1923.
Letter requesting info.on how many students that completed 8 grades or more in Government Indian Schools and their success or failures since they left school in the government or public working areas of employment. Supt. Bonnin stated- From Carlisle Indian school: Benajh Miles, born 1867, Arapaho, 1/2 blood, farmer, Calument, Okla.; Emily Kaney, born 1878, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, housewife, Ark. City, Kan.; Henry Row of Lodges, born 1879, Arapaho, full blood, farmer, Greenfield, Okla.; Lydia La Mere, born 1881, Arapaho, full blood, housewife, Walthill, Neb.; Emil Hauser, born 1883, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, nightwatch, Salem Ind. School, Chemawa, Ore.; George Balenti, born 1884, Cheyenne, 1/4 blood, with highway, State of Okla., Okla. City, Okla.; Kish Hawkins, born 1878, Cheyenne, full blood, U.S. Indian Police, Concho, Okla.; Michael Balenti, born 1886, Cheyenne, 1/4 blood, Professional Baseball, Sioux City, Iowa; Julia Prentiss, born 1879, Cheyenne, 3/4 blood, housewife, Calument, Okla.; Peter Hauser, born 1886, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, Umpire, profess. baseball, McAllister, Okla.; George Frass, born 1879, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, farmer, Calument, Okla.; Fred Roundstone, born 1886, Cheyenne, full blood, farmer and stockman, Lame Deer, Montana; John Balenti, born 1890, Cheyenne, 1/4 blood, (no occupation given); Rosa Seneca, born 1883, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, housewife, Ark. City, Kan.; Nina C. Gabaldon, born 1884, Cheyenne, full blood, housewife, Wichita, Kan.

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