Will Of Chief Killer
Chief Killer, 70 years of age, a resident of Canadian County, Oklahoma, and a member of the Cheyenne tribe of Indians, being of sound mind and disposing mind, but realizng the uncertainty of this life, do hereby make, publish and declare this my last will and testiment, hereby annulling and revoking any and all wills by me heretofore made, in manner and from following:
(1) I give and devise to Jesse Horn, my grandson, one spring wagon.
(2) I give and devise to John Swallow, my grandson, one bay horse, branded I.D.T.
(3) I give and devise to Martha Swallow, my granddaughter, one set of light harness.
(4) All other interests which I may have at the time of my death I wish to be devided accordingly to law to my natural heirs, after my funeral expenses and debts have been paid by the Indian Agent having charge of the same.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF: I have hereunto subscribed my name and made my thumb print on the first day of June, 1921, in the presence of Robert Burns who has interpreted the above will to me and the same is according to my wishes, also in the presence L.S. Bonnin, Superintendent of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, who is present and witnessed the execution of this will by me by making my thumb print after my name which was written by him at my request. /S/ Chief Killer (Thumb Print).
Witness: Robert Burns, Clerk; L.S. Bonnin, Superintendent, Concho, Oklahoma.
The foregoing instrument was subscribed to by thumb print. published and declared by Chief Killer as and for his last will in our presence and in the presence of each other at his request, in his presence, and we hereto subscribe our names this first day of June 1, 1921, as witnesses.
/S/ Robert Burns, L.S. Bonnin.
Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Concho, Oklahoma, February, 21, 1923.
Commissioner of the Indian affairs, Washington D.C.
Dear Sir:
Chief Killer, a Cheyenne allottee of the Cantonment jurisdiction, died at the Cheyenne and Arapaho Hospital, on July 24, 1922. The Indian had no funds to his credit either at this Agency or the Cantonment Agency, and none of his relatives had any funds which the expense of burying him could be paid.
The services of an undertaker was secured and Thomas Benson, Undertaker, El Reno, Oklahoma, has filed this bill for such services. It is itemized as follows:
Casket, $60.00; embaling and caring for the remains, $10.00; Hearse service. $30.00; total $100.00.
It is respectfully requested that the authority be granted me to pay this bill from the "Relieving Distress & Prevention, Etc., Diseases Among Indians, (Cheyenne and Arapaho Hospital) 1923", a sufficient allotment in that fund previously made for this unit being now on hand, not encumbered for any other purpose. Very respectfully yours, L.S. Bonnin, Superintendent.

Department of the Interior, Office of the Indian Affairs, Washington D.C.
(Received March 30, 1923, L.S. Bonnin, C&A Agancy)
Mr. dear Mr. Bonnin:
Referring to your letter of March 13, 1923, authority is hereby granted for you to expend not exceeding $100.00 in the payment of funeral expenses connected with the death of Chief Killer, a Cheyenne allottee of the Cantonment jurisdiction, payment to be made by you from the fund "Relieving Distress and Prevention, etc., of Diseases Among Indians (Cheyenne and Arapaho Hospital), 1923," already allotted you.
Very truly yours, E.B. Meritt, Assistant Commissioner.

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Calumet Chieftain, August 3rd., 1922.
Chief Killer, age 72 years old, died July 23, at the home of White Bird. He leaves to mourn his departure two daughters, Maud Horn of Calumet and Naoma Swallow of Watonga, and five grandchildren.
Chief Killer united with the Re-organized Church of the Latter Day Saints, Elder Hubert baptizing him twelve years ago. He was a devoted father and a good Christian.
Funeral services at White Birds place by Elmer Richard, assisted by Clerance Owens. The body was laid to rest at the Concho Indian Cemetery.
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