Coyote, 41, full blood Chey., husb., married by Indian Custom, father Buffalo Chips (dead), mother Broken Legs (dead).
Good Woman, 36, full blood Chey., wife, father not shown, mother Arrives at Night (dead).
Howling hawk, 16, son; One-hi-you, 14, daug. Parents are Coyote and Good Woman.

Text Copyright (c) 2003 1902 Cheyenne and Arapaho Family Register, Ruby Bushyhead Collection, compiled by John L. Sipe, Jr.

C&A Carlisle School File, W.A. Mercer, Supt., to Stouch, March 16,1906, no notes only has Emma Coyote aka (Standing Twenty)

Text Copyright (c) 2004 John Sipes
(Berthrong Cheyenne Collection. Carlisle School Section.)