21049/1908/Chey.& Arap./312 Lydia Gardner Geboe to Chas. E. Shell, Baxter Springs, RFD. No.4 Feb. 18, 1908.
Owing to the unsettled conditions of the tribal affairs of the Arapahoes which I am a member of and holding an allotment /sic/ I would most respectfully petition and request you, through your Department to have a patent in fee simple to me for my allotment. To wit: NE1/2 29-12-9 No. 1764. I am competent and capable of transacting my own affairs. I was educated and graduated at Carlisle School, Pa. and a graduate of Lansdowne High School, Pa. I am also married and have never lived with the Indians, but very little. (I presume a year all told since a small child). My husband being a machinist, which takes us away to the older states, where he has steady employment. Therefore, I would like to get my property holding in a position where they would be easy to look after and then I will know what is being done with my property when I hold a fee to my land. And it is taken from under the rule of Incompetent Chiefs and Councils. Now, as I have been transacting all of my own affairs every since I have been old enough, with the exception of my allotment, I think I should have my land so that I could also look after it. I most sincerely ask and wish for the Patent in fee simple to my land.

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Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Concho, Okla., Sept. 2, 1927. L. S.Bonnin, Supt. to Miss Maggie Dyer, 3833 Bellfontaine, Kansas City, Mo.

Dear Miss Dyer: In reply to your letter of August 7 making inquiry as to where Emma Geboe might be found, you are advised that we have information that she is now employed as a matron at the Euchee Boarding School, Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Census of the Cheyenne Indians of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency. Seger Agency on June 30, 1927, taken by L.S. Bonnin, Superintendent. Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipe  2004