Gray Beard.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW.

Leavenworth, Kansas, May 9, 1875. 
Agent Miles 
Dear Friend: Your Grey Beard and Minimic want me to write to you to tell their people to settle down at their agency, and do all the Govt.requires of them. They say tell them to plant corn, and send their children to school, and be careful not to get into any trouble. Tell the Agent to tell them that we are going along ways off and may never return, and that we want them to travel in the white mans road. The white men are as many as the leaves on the trees and we are only /torn/ few people, and we should 
do as the white man wants us to, and live at peace with him. 

The Indian prisoners arrived here without accident and are to be sent to St. Augustine, Fla. I expect to go with them and will write you again. I have heard some statements (Official) in reference to the terms of  Transportation Contract, which I would like to be certain of. Would you be willing to supply me with a copy of the contract for last year, knowing that as your friend,I would only use it judiciously and not to your detriment in any way. If so I would be glad you would do so addressing care of 
Adjt. Genl. R. Williams, Ft. Leavenworth, Ks. 

My regards to Mrs. Miles, Mr. Covington, and Williams. 
Respectfully, R. H. Pratt, U. S. A. 

Copied from ALS 2pp, C&A Files. 
Endorsements: 5-9-75, R. H. Pratt, U.S.A. Words from "Grey Beard" "Minimic" & co. to their people the Cheyennes. 
(Berthrong Coll. Cheyenne Prisoners) 

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No-wa-hy aka Cora Prairie Chief had allotment that is now part of present- day Clinton, Oklahoma, town site. This allotment 
with three other Cheyenne allotments when Clinton was formed were illegally taken by land grafters. Cora is daughter of Prairie Chief, who is son of Grey Beard, a POW shot in the back after he jumped from the train in Houston, Florida, while in chains and shackles as the POWs were being transported to Ft. Marion for prison.

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Prairie Chief, son of Grey Beard, is part Crow Ind. from 100 Crow women captured by Cheys. and these women intermarried into the Cheys. 
Arapaho Bee, June 28, 1907. 
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Night Walker, wife of McPherson Prairie Chief, (descendant of Grey Beard Ft. Marion POW) from Clinton is here visiting her mother Big Face and Watan her step-father. 
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Chief Prairie Chief died last week.  His death was a great loss. (He is son of Grey Beard, Ft. Marion POW). Arapaho Bee, April 20, 1917. 

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Prairie Chief,46, full blood, husb., married by Indian custom, father Gray Beard, dead mother Old Standing Woman dead. White Buffalo woman,45, full blood, Chey., wife, father Tail Feather,dead, mother not shown. No-wa-hy/Cora, 16; Wo-es-ha/Good Woman,12; Hailman,4, parents are Prairie Chief and White Buffalo Woman. (Gray beard was POW and killed by the military guard when he junped off the train near Houston, Fla., 1874, and shot in the back while chained in shackles and trying to flee down the railroad tracks. Body left in Fla. and still there as of 2003.) Births and Deaths of C&As (no name of vol. pages only shown)
1902 C&A Family Registar 
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Arvil Prairie Chief (female), her Cheyenne name is Bear Woman or Nah-ka-et after Jennie Washa Flying Out, and Phillip Prairie Chief (male), his Cheyenne name is Red Paint or Ma-eh-dum.
Mother is Imogene Black Bear (great-great grand daug. of Henry Roman Nose, POW).
Father is George Prairie Chief, Jr. His father and mother are George Prairie Chief, Sr. (great grandson of Grey Beard) and mother is Glodie Washa ( extended family of Old Bull Bear) and her mother was Jennie Washa Flying Out.

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Watonga Republican, August 8, 1929.
Lawrence White Bird* and Lena Tasso*, Cheyenne and Arapaho, married. At the feast and church, ponies and cars were mixed. Lena, assistant matron at the Concho hospital and Lawrence an Agency employee from Greenfield. 200 Indians attended-gifts-feast-fry bread.
The groom attended a ball game until the feast was ready.
(Sipes: *A White Bird attended Carlisle and Tasso family are descendants of Grey Beard, a POW.)

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