H.B Peiars, Chief Supervisor of Education, Haskell, Lawrence, Kansas, to Leo Bonnin, Supt. at Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, May 15, 1923.
Letter requesting info.on how many students that completed 8 grades or more in Government Indian Schools and their success or failures since they left school in the government or public working areas of employment. Supt. Bonnin stated- From Carlisle Indian school: Benajh Miles, born 1867, Arapaho, 1/2 blood, farmer, Calument, Okla.; Emily Kaney, born 1878, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, housewife, Ark. City, Kan.; Henry Row of Lodges, born 1879, Arapaho, full blood, farmer, Greenfield, Okla.; Lydia La Mere, born 1881, Arapaho, full blood, housewife, Walthill, Neb.; Emil Hauser, born 1883, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, nightwatch, Salem Ind. School, Chemawa, Ore.; George Balenti, born 1884, Cheyenne, 1/4 blood, with highway, State of Okla., Okla. City, Okla.; Kish Hawkins, born 1878, Cheyenne, full blood, U.S. Indian Police, Concho, Okla.; Michael Balenti, born 1886, Cheyenne, 1/4 blood, Professional Baseball, Sioux City, Iowa; Julia Prentiss, born 1879, Cheyenne, 3/4 blood, housewife, Calument, Okla.; Peter Hauser, born 1886, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, Umpire, profess. baseball, McAllister, Okla.; George Frass, born 1879, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, farmer, Calument, Okla.; Fred Roundstone, born 1886, Cheyenne, full blood, farmer and stockman, Lame Deer, 
Montana; John Balenti, born 1890, Cheyenne, 1/4 blood, (no occupation given); Rosa Seneca, born 1883, Cheyenne, 1/2 blood, housewife, Ark. City, Kan.; Nina C. Gabaldon, born 1884, Cheyenne, full blood, housewife, Wichita, Kan.

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From a trip to the Indian Territory, we gather some interesting news about a number of our returned students. Benajah Miles and Casper Edson are government school farmers. Jesse Bent, Cleaver Warden and Grant Left Hand are clerking in the stores. Robert Brown and Kish Hawkins are clerking in Agent's Office. Luke Bear Shield is school clerk and interpreter at Darlington. Julia Bent is teaching at the Cheyenne agency school. John Williams is Register of Wills of one of the counties with a salary If $1,000 a year. William Fletcher is also a Register of Wills and hay the best cornfield in that vicinity. Oscar Bull Bear, is Assistant Government Farmer at, Seger, Okla. Leonard Tyler is Assistant Farmer at Cheyenne School. Jennie Black Tyler, his wife is assistant laundress at the same school. Mary North Tassie has a Cheyenne husband, is living on a good farm, is a good housekeeper, and exerts a good influence. At the Pawnee Agency, Stacy Matlack and William Morgan are district government farmers. Rose Howell is assistant matron at Otoe school. Louie Bayhylle is on the police force. Robert Matthews has resigned his position as school farmer and expects to come east on his own work. Frank West is married. Paul Boynton is filling some county office. Henry North has resigned his position as clerk in Agent's Office. The three last are working on their claims. Maud Chief Killer is married to Colonel Horn and they are working at the Cheyenne school. All the returned students are doing well.
August 11, 1893 INDIAN HELPER
Kish Hawkins, 31, full blood, Chey., husb., married by clergyman, father Starving Elk and mother Black Head. Katie Z. Hawkins/Katie Zellweger, wife, 1/2 blood, father Jacob Zellweger (white), mother Walking Ahead, dead. Emma Hawkins, 8, 3/4 blood, daug., father Kish Hawkins and mother Muscogee Block, dead. Diana, 6; Anna, 3; Edna, 1, daugs. of Kish and Katie Hawkins.

1902 C&A Family Registar 
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Kish Hawkins, Cheyenne, full blood, Oct.3,1889-July 8, 1889; Sept. 15, 1889, to April 9, 1891; 7 outings. No mother or father 
listed on record. Entered third grade and discharged 9th grade; Clerk training. Asst. farmer at Kingfisher; former address at 
Darlington, (1913). Report after leaving Carlisle. Farmer at Darlington and very prosperous, left first wife and took another.

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Kingfisher, Okla., Dec.2nd, 1918. Supt. W.W. Scott, Concho, Okla.
Dear Sir: Maria Lame Bull wishes to convey her interest and title to her share of her deceased fathers allotment containing thirty acres to William Lame Bull, nephew, son of Gordon Lame Bull. She has other nephews and niece living. She still has her own allotment and interest in some other allotments through her deceased husband, Young Bull Bear. If it meets with your approval please take steps to secure its conveyance. Very Respectfully, /S/ kish Hawkins, Farmer.

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Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Concho, Okla., Sept. 9, 1925. Students who have not retuned back to Chilocco Indian School.
George Balenti, parent William Balenti, Geary, Okla.; Mable Hawkins and Nellie Hawkins, parent Mrs. Katie Z. Hawkins, Geary, Okla.; Margaret Riggs, parent Stacy Riggs, Clinton, Okla.; Dulce and Lillian White Bird, parent Dawes White Bird, Watonga, Okla.

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United States Department of the Interior, Indian Field Office, Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Agency, Concho, Oklahoma, July 14, 1928.
Indian Fair Association in meeting at Coyotes place elected the following committees:
    Cleaver Warden, Chairman; Charles Curtis, Norton Beaver, Darwin Hayes.
    George Frass, Chairman; Hailman Hawk, John Pedro, Howard Bird.
 Stock And Poultry:
    Dawes White Bird, Chairman; Emil Curtis, Sampson Kelly, Robert Sankey.
 Home Economics And Native Arts And Crafts:
    Annie Van Horn, Chairman; Susie Pratt Sankey, Mollie Shepard, Mollie C. Big Nose.
 Better Babies Show:
    Mrs. George Frass, Chairman; Mrs. Belle Martin, Mrs. Flora Clark.
 Entertainment: (Includes Indian dances, games, fancy and bucking riding, informing and directing public, beauty contest (of young girls 15 to 20 yrs. in Indian dress)
   Mack Haag, Chairman; Tom Levi, Scott Harrison, Peter Hoof and John Heap-of Birds.
 Law and Order on Camp Grounds of Indians.
   Kish Hawkins, Chief of Indian Police, under the direction of the Superintendent of Indian Agency, will be permitted to select two helpers for police duty, and together with such other law enforcement officers as may be provided the camp and immediate vicinity will be guarded and law and order enforced.

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