Heap of Birds.  Mo-e-yau-hay-ist  (Cheyenne)
Ft. Marion POW

Carlisle students: Clyde Heap of Birds / Clyde Alfrish / relatives?
Central Superintendency, Field Office Files, Letters Received.
John D. Miles to Wm. Nicholson, May 12, 1877, C&A Agency.
-regarding release of the prisoners at Ft. Marion, St. Augustine, Fla.
-approves of Minimic, Little Medicine and Antelope also Heap of Birds, Bear Shield, and Matches.
-should make the release of prisoners very gradually.
Headquarters of the Army, Inspector Generals Office, June 26th, 1877.
Inspector General to Sec. of War (R.B. Marcy, Inspector General)
Report of the Inspector, May 8th and 9th, 1877.
Inspection of Saint Francis Barracks by Inspector General, N.H. Davis.
----64 pows under 1st. Lt. R.H. Pratt, 10th Cavalry---
Number and Names of Chiefs of each tribe---
Cheyennes: 27 men and 1 woman, total 28---
Chiefs 4: Minimic, Heap of Birds, Little Medicine and Bear Shield.
Kiowas: Chiefs 3: Lone Wolf, Double Vision and White Horse, total 22.
Comanches: 9 men, 1 woman, and 1 child.
Chiefs 1: Black Horse, total 11.
Arapahoes: (no chiefs), total 2.
Caddoes: (not as chief), total 1.-----Total POWs 64.

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Alfrich Heap of Birds, 35, full blood, Chey., husb.; Soar Woman, 33, full 
blood, Chey., wife. Children: Henry, son ; Homer, son; Esther, daug.; Alfrich and Soar Woman 
married in the fall time of 1892 by Indian Custom. Parents of Alfrich, Many Magpies, dead, and Red Painted Woman; Parents of  Soar Woman, Big Bear and Red Wheat.

1902 C&A Family Registar 
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Alfrich, or Alfred Clyde (from RG 1328). CIIS ID #148. from the Cheyenne and Arap Agency. Listed as Cheyenne. C/- of Heap of Birds. Father listed as deceased, mother living. Arrived 9/6/1880 age 11, dept 9/18/1883 sick. 

Heap-of-Birds, Alfrich (Clyde) [from 1327 #288). Listed as Cheyenne. No other details but this response to 1910 survey. Married to a woman named "SoarWoman". Living in Clinton OK. Farming. He is spliting his time between his own home and that of his mother-in-law. Was a scout for 6 years, butcher for 4. an agency interprerter for 1 year. Ass.t farmer for 1 year, day laborer, and freighter. At Carlisle for 3 years ... also interpreter for missionaries. He writes, "This is the first letter I have receivedfrom Carlisle since I left there. I was three years at Carlisle, two years and six months in school and six months on the farm where i received one dollar per month. I have been trying to do right as far as I know how. I have never forgotten what I learned at Carlisle and have been learning ever since and am reading much now. My tribe appointed me interpreter for a delegation that went to Washington DC. I interpreted before the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Secretary of the Interior and President Roosevelt. This will be three years in January. I am a headman of my tribenow and also belong to the School Committee of the government boarding school on this reservation. I don't drink whiskey, I don't eat mescal, and I don't gamble. I want to give my family and my tribe the benefit of what I learned at Carlisle. I advise my people what is true. 

Genevieve Bell NARA database.

Alfrich Heap of Birds and Soar Woman had daug. born Aug. 8, 1905, named Ellen/Blue Wings. 

Births From Undated Pages Found In 1902 C&A Family Registar (Cheyennes)
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Red Painting woman, 74, female, died 3-5-1907, widow, next of kin, Alfrich Heap of Birds,

Red Paint Woman, 74, mother of Alfrich Heap of Birds

Deaths From Undated Pages Found In 1902 C&A Family Registar (Cheyennes)
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7350/1907, Seger File, #127, Walter Roe,Supt. of Okla. Missions, Reformed Church of America to C.F. Larnabee. Comm. of Ind. Affairs, Aug. 30,1907.
Recommends 34 Indians to lease and handle their own property. John Washee, Cleaver Warden, Hartley Ridge Bear, Wm. Little Chief, Alfrich Heap of Birds, Stacy Riggs, Watan, and Kias, (Note: Kias or Short Nose was father- in- law of Ed Burns. Ed was son of Robert Burns.) (Sipes Field Notes), were among the 34.

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Note: As late as 1926 patents in fee simple were being denied because of lack of education and general business abilities.
Many of the applicants were unable to speak or write English. Where land could be disposed of under supervision it was recommended the land be sold by the Agent and Commisioner of Indian Affairs.
Most of the land belonged to the elderly, orphans and those Indians considered incompetent by the arbitrary decision of both the Agent and Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Cheyenne and Arapaho Delegation regarding Black Hills Claims.
Watonga Republican Newspaper, Feb. 8, 1917.
A delegation of Cheyennes and Arapahoes were received by President Wilson - Three Fingers presented him with a tobacco pouch and Magpie gave beaded moccasins - saw the President for ten minutes.
Delegation consisted of Three Fingers, Little Man, Tobacco, Magpie, Hicks, Howling Water, Bull Tongue, Alfrich Heap of Birds, Victor Bushy Head.
Ernie Black and Deforest Antelope were interpreters.
While in Washington, they employed Victor J. Evans, a Washington attorney for the Black Hills claim, fee contingent upon winning the case.

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Watonga Republican Newspaper Feb. 15, 1917.
Council held at Deforest Antelopes place. Victor J. Evans attended and eight chiefs and eight headsmen to sign the contract with Evans. Most signed with thumbmark. Deforest Antelope, chairman of the council with Alfred Wilson secretary.
Chiefs. Tobacco, Jacob Runner, Howling Water, Cloud Chief, Hicks, Little Hand, Springer, Turkey Legs.
Headmen. Tough Feathers, Porcupine, Buffalo Thigh, Short Nose, Sore Head, Blue, Victor Bushy Head, Alfrich Heap of Birds.
Interpreter Alfred Wilson and Deforest Antelope.
Delegates in fact. Deforest Antelope, Alfred Wilson and Ernie Black.
Note: Alfred Wilson not related to John Wilson family. (Sipes oral family history.)

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Dept. of the Interior, Seger Indian Agency, Colony, Oklahoma, April 29, 1926, Supt. Chas. Eggers to Supt. L.S. Bonnin, Concho, Okla.
Ruth Heap of Birds, wife of Leonard Bear Shield, wants to sell 80 acres of her land. 

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United States Department of the Interior, Indian Field Office, Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Agency, Concho, Oklahoma, July 14, 1928.
Indian Fair Association in meeting at Coyotes place elected the following committees:
    Cleaver Warden, Chairman; Charles Curtis, Norton Beaver, Darwin Hayes.
    George Frass, Chairman; Hailman Hawk, John Pedro, Howard Bird.
 Stock And Poultry:
    Dawes White Bird, Chairman; Emil Curtis, Sampson Kelly, Robert Sankey.
 Home Economics And Native Arts And Crafts:
    Annie Van Horn, Chairman; Susie Pratt Sankey, Mollie Shepard, Mollie C. Big Nose.
 Better Babies Show:
    Mrs. George Frass, Chairman; Mrs. Belle Martin, Mrs. Flora Clark.
 Entertainment: (Includes Indian dances, games, fancy and bucking riding, informing and directing public, beauty contest (of young girls 15 to 20 yrs. in Indian dress)
   Mack Haag, Chairman; Tom Levi, Scott Harrison, Peter Hoof and John Heap-of Birds.
 Law and Order on Camp Grounds of Indians.
   Kish Hawkins, Chief of Indian Police, under the direction of the Superintendent of Indian Agency, will be permitted to select two helpers for police duty, and together with such other law enforcement officers as may be provided the camp and immediate vicinity will be guarded and law and order enforced.

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Watonga Republican Newspaper, May 12, 1921, Thursday.
The C&A council held a meeting at Watonga, Okla., on Friday last. A struggle occurred between the younger educated leaders and the older, traditional leaders.
The council decided to go to Washington and present tribal claims to the Black Hills (South Dakota), which was signed away years ago without tribal authorization.
Temporary Chairman--Grant Left Hand but lapsed into Cheyenne quickly and the Arapahoes quickly found an interpreter.
President- Robert Burns- Concho
Vice- Pres.- Henry Rowlodge-Greenfield
Sec.-Jesse Rowlodge- Geary
Treas.- Ed Shield- Calumet
Delegates. Watonga--Deforest Antelope, Magpie, Little Hand, George Rearing Bull; Fay-- Turkey Legs and Chas, Starr; Concho--Robert Burns and Ed Shields; Calumet-- Mack Haag and Wm. Curtis; Geary--Jesse Rowlodge, Hail and Bird Chief; Clinton-- Alfrich Heap of Birds; Colony--Alfred Wilson and Left hand; Hammon-- Standing Water and Howling Water, Cantonment-- Ernie Black, White Wolf and Geo. Curtis; Carlton and Canton-- Henry Lincoln, Joe Williams, Frank Harrington, Little Raven, White Shirt, Bringing Good and Rabbit Run, Kingfisher-- Sampson Kelly, Sore Head, Henry Starr and John Block.

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Colony Courier, Feb. 12, 1914.
Delegation for Washington D.C.that started for Washington on Feb. 10: Red Moon Dist., White Eagle, Heap of Crows, Howling Water. Clinton Dist., Red Bird Wolf Chief, Alfrich Heap of Birds and Thunder Bull. Colony Dist., Chief John Washee and Watan both Arapahoes.
Chey. & Arap. Messenger.
Vol. 1, June 1930, No. 6.
Clinton and Hammon.
Old Man Scabby died at the age of 80 in Hammon suddenly.
Thomas and Deer Creek District.
Little Blanche Heap of Birds, who stays with her grandparents, the Fenton Antelopes, is still very sick with T.B. and meningitis and there seems to be no prospect of her recovery.

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Chey. & Arap. Messenger.
Vol. 1, July 1930, No. 7.
On June 29 our missionaries, Mr. and Mrs. Linschied, were called to Geary to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of our mission work among the Cheyennes and Arapahoes. The work was begun at Darlington in 1880. Harvey White Shield and Robert Hamilton conducted the services. White Skunk assisted.
Thomas and Deer Creek District.
On June 12th Little Blanche Heap of Birds was taken to be with the Lord. Funeral services were held the next day and attended by two families who are related from Oklahoma City.
Felix White Shield has invented a new way of hatching eggs. He bought a few eggs from a neighbor, wrapped them in cotton and laid them in the henhouse. Without any further attention most of the eggs produced chicks after three weeks. Some day Felix may be a rich man if he he developes his genius for invention.
Old Man White Shield of Hammon deserves special attention. He wrote the Supt. Bonnin to postpone all Indian gatherings until late August so the people can tend to the crops.

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Chey. & Arap. Messenger.
Vol. 1, August 1930, No. 8.
William (Bud) Howling Wolf was quite sick but is able to be up and around again. His oldest son Leslie has taken sick now.
White Skunk is suffering from an infected knee.
Clinton and Hammon.
On July 18th Virginia Heap of Birds, one year old, died near Clinton.  The little body was laid to rest in the family cemetery. Only six weeks ago these mourning parents had buried their three year old daughter.
The rebuilt house of Felix White Shield is nearly done.
Harry Flynn is building a new summer shade.
Clinton and Hammon.
Lone Wolf, one of our oldest Indians at Clinton, is a good reporter of Indian news.
A baby girl was born to Flynn and Francis Goose of Clinton on July 29.
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