High Forehead.  Ohet-toint
Kiowa Ft. Marion POW
Went to Hampton: Ohettoint, Charles, arrived age 30, Apr 1878. Jun 1879, Removal to Carlisle, Married.

Joy Fisher File

High Forehead, Charles (Ohet-toint) 
Charles Oheltoint (Buffalo). Rg 1327#744. CIIS ID#1. Kiowa. Arrived at CIIS 8/10/1879 aged 24, enrolled for a term of 3 years. Sent home 6/29/1880 sick.  In 1907, he was living in Anadarko, farming. "In 1878, I have been to Carlisle" he writes. 

Genevieve Bell NARA Database.

Charlie Buffalo, aka Oheltoint drew ledgerbook art at Ft. Marion, then went to Carlisle, enrolled as first student from Ft. Marion.  Married Mary Buffalo. "In addition he had another name that came to her ['granddaughter's'] mind, as a result of asking the question. He was also called Pa Da E, which means "the Twin". He had a twin brother named White Buffalo."

From the 1934-5 obituary for Ohel-toint found at the Ft. Sill Museum:
"The article was written by Susie Peters, an old friend, a close neighbor and white nurse. She had visited him before his death, going with pencil and paper in case he wanted to say something.  He had gone to Fort Marion in place of his grandfather Head Chief To-hausen. From Florida, Charlie was sent to Hampton, VA. He attended Hampton Institute, 1878 under Gen. Armstrong. (two lines were missing from the article) he with two other Kiowas and two Cheyenne boys accompanied Gen. (couldn't be general) Pratt to Washington DC, where they went before President Hayes to request that the old barracks at Carlisle, Pa. be converted into an exclusive school for Indians. Thus, came into existence the Carlisle Indian School."

The 2nd Lt. Jlames Waldo in Company A in this issue was the youngest brother of Charlie Buffalo (Oheltoint), White Buffalo and Silver Horn. After returning home from Carlisle, he weds Onkima, widow of Dohesan, Chief of the Kiowa.

Source: Bob Perry.