Howling Wolf.  Ho-na-nist-to.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW.

HowlingWolf, former POW at Ft. Marion was a Chief of the Dog Soldiers. 
Watonga Republican, Sept 19, 1912. 

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1881 U.S. Census, Indian Division, Cheyenne Tribe. 

 Howling Wolf/Ho-my-nis-toe, Florida Prisoner, male, 32, occupation is freighter. 

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Howling Wolf 

                William Howling Wolf. Rg1327 #316. CIIS ID #1783. listed as Cheyenne from Chey and Arap agency. His "blood' is listed as "negro" . arrived 9/7/1895 aged unknown. Dept.10/9/00. 6 outings: H HEllyer Bucks CO, 4/30/1896-9/12/1896; A Bennett Jamiso 12/12/1896-9/11/1897; A Hunt, Harbourton, J 3/31/1898-9/16/1898; P briggs, dolington PA 3/31/1899-9/20/1899; Mrs J Brown, Pleasant Valley,PA 9/20/1899-11/18/1899. john riniker, mechanicsville PA 9/21/00-10/6/00). [see Bell file] 

Genevieve Bell NARA Collection.

C&A. Letterbooks, Cantonment, Vol. 1:182-184. Wm. M. Pulling to C.F. Ashley, 
Oct. 5, 1892. 
...schools filled to over 70 pupils in attendance. The Cheyennes came in 
large numbers for a talk with me. 5 Companies of "Dog Soldiers" being 
present a part of whom came mounted and drawn up in line firing Winchesters 
into the air( in demonstration of joy, I suppose). Among their first 
questions was, " Are you afraid?" I said "No". Short speeches were made by 
No-com-is-tah, Red Lodge, Whirlwind, Little Medicine, Little Big Jake, 
Howling Wolf, Little Man, Medicine Crazy, Roman Nose Thunder, Left Hand 
Woman, White Horse, Man-on-Cloud, and Star. The burden of which was 
self-praise for their conduct, request for a feast, and to ask that beef 
issues be made weekly hereafter( in recognition, I suppose, of their 
distinqished favors, they ask me to write their speeches.....I gave them a 
small feast from the commissary and will send a copy of the speeches later. 
Some of the whites think I need not have received them in council. There was 
no real use, but for peaces sake I listened patiently, and they went away 
pleased. I believe that all the new scholars reside in the Sub-Agency. 

John Sipes.

Magpie,50, full blood, Chey., father Fat Bear,dead, mother Com-me-i, dead. William Howling Wolf/Budd H. Wolf, 17, 1/2 blood, father not shown and mother Magpie.

1902 C&A Family Registar 
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Application for patent in fee simple for Bud Howling Wolf. From Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Darlington, Okla., Oct. 
19, 1909, to Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Indian Service. Patent for William or Bud Howling Wolf. Allotee No. 246 
for N/E 4, Sec. 17, T. 13, R. 12, Okla. Value of land $ 500.00. Will use money to improve mothers land. Application in his own handwriting. Is 25 years old. Single. Half blood Cheyenne. No other members in his family. Attended Cheyenne School for 3 years, at Wabash, Indiana, for 5 years and Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for 5 years. Request favorable for patent.

Sipes Cheyenne Coll., Patent Files, No. 33, courtesy of John Sipes, Jr.

U.S. Dept. of Interior
Office of Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.
Education- Administration Circular #401, March 12, 1910.
To All Indian Superintendents
"Report and statistics on returned students that attended non-reservation schools in so far as the success or failure is concerned."
Carlisle, Pennsylvania. (Name and Occupation Shown Below)
Ernie Black, works by the day and has sold his land.
Harvey White Shield, looks after his own business and rents his land for a share of the crop.
Joe Pawnee, none at present. 
William Abe Somers, none.
Alfred Brown,none.
Charles DeBrae, farmer.
Henry Roman Nose, none.
Cohoe, none.
James Hamilton, none.
(The above Cheyennes)
Arapahoes: Comanche, none; Phillip Rabbit, none; John H. Williams, none, has sold his land; Francis Lee, none; Dan Tucker, none; Cleaver Warden, farmer; Tom Carlisle, none; Howling Wolf, none, (Cheyenne).

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Chey. & Arap. Messenger.
Vol. 1, August 1930, No. 8.
William (Bud) Howling Wolf was quite sick but is able to be up and around again. His oldest son Leslie has taken sick now.
White Skunk is suffering from an infected knee.
Clinton and Hammon.
On July 18th Virginia Heap of Birds, one year old, died near Clinton.  The little body was laid to rest in the family cemetery. Only six weeks ago these mourning parents had buried their three year old daughter.
The rebuilt house of Felix White Shield is nearly done.
Harry Flynn is building a new summer shade.
Clinton and Hammon.
Lone Wolf, one of our oldest Indians at Clinton, is a good reporter of Indian news.
A baby girl was born to Flynn and Francis Goose of Clinton on July 29.
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