THE CARLISLE ARROW, Volume VII, Number 4, page 1:
   "After spending a very pleasant vacation at his home in Colorado,
   Leonard Hudnall has returned to resume his studies at Conway
   Hall.  Leonard has been making a splendid record while at Conway,
   and he is looking forward to entering Dartmouth College in 1912."
  - September 30, 1910.

THE CARLISLE ARROW, Volume VII, Number 20, page 1:
   "Robert Weatherstone and Leonard Hudnall, of Small Boys'
   Quarters, were promoted from sergeant to first and second
   lieutenants respectively, while Willard Comstock was promoted
   from ranks to sergt.
                                       - January 20, 1911.

THE CARLISLE ARROW, Volume VIII, Number 18, page 1:
   "Leonard Hudnall, of Conway Hall, sent from Mt. Carmel where
   he spent his Christmas Holidays, a number of beautiful
   Christmas and New Year cards to his friends."
                                       -January 12, 1912.

Among students who attended Dickinson College's preparatory school. in 1909-1910.  The listing
appears as follows:
            Leonard Hyde Hudnall

The middle name of Hyde is very interesting . . . There was a teacher at Carlisle named Miss
Hyde at the school.  I wonder if Leonard took her name.