Heirship: Sah-she-ma-my-tate (died January 4, 1904)
Sah-she-ma-my (Sister), died Aug. 30, 1906.
(John Sha-ma-my,son,Caddo,757,nephew) 1/12
( Tom She-ma-my,son,Caddo,219, nephew) 1/12 living
(David She-ma-my,son,Caddo,722,nephew) 1/12 Jan. 1907
(Mary Deer Worcester,daug. Caddo,848) 1/12

Shunny or (Ki-o-tis,daug.,Caddo,743,niece) 1/6
(Sah-a-chus,daug.,Caddo,706,niece) 1/6 living

HU-WA-NY (brother) long deceased.

Si-on-an-mex,daug. of deceased brother of Sha-she-ma-my-tate
(May Howe,daug.,Caddo,219,grand niece) 1/3 living 1907
Caddoes 757,219,722,&848 are the sole hiers of Sah-she-ma-my

Agency Register of Indian Families (no date given on Register)
Text Copyright (c) 2003 Cecile Carter Research Files, 2003
(Info. sent to John Sipes from Carol Swindell, Caddo Tribal Member, Sat. 24, May, 2003)

Small Woman # 1937, 74 years old, died 12-17-1928.
Marriages: Cohoe #1936, died 3-18-1924.
Children: Coyote Walking, male, father was Cohoe, died 7-3-1911.
Children of Deceased Children: White Sun, parents Coyote Walking and Tack-a-nina, died 2-9-1915. ( Howard Coyote Walking), male, 5 years old.
Magpie Woman, female, 20 years old, parents Coyote Walking and Tack-a-nina, living.( Jane Coyote Walking)
Parents of Small Woman: Father was Big Foot, Northern Cheyenne, died about 1904.
Mother was Bear Woman, #884, died 10-1914.
Brothers and Sisters: Ape Walker, 72, same parents, living.
Casey Chasing Bear, 1/2 brother, 52 years old, father was Big Foot, died 6-17-1918. (Deafy Big Foot)
White Big Foot, 1/2 brother, father was Big Foot, living.
Little Hawk (John Big Foot), 1/2 brother, father was Big foot, living.
White Buffalo (Helen Big Foot), 1/2 sister, father was Big Foot, died 9-1917.
Issue of Deceased Brothers and Sisters: Willis Chasing Bear, male, 36 years old, parents Casey Chasing Bear and Yellow Woman, living.
Stephen Chasing Bear, male, 26 years old.
Nat Murphys mother was a full sister to mother of Small Woman.
Nat Murphy married Sprinkle Horse Woman, daughter of Medicine Water, POW.
Sprinkle Horse Woman was full sister to Tah-nah/Measure Woman Standing Bird.
Measure Woman and Standing Bird are the great-grandparents of John Sipes.
Ah-in-nist Sipes is the son of John Sipes and Dolores Subia Big Foot Sipes.
Dolores Subia Big Foot Sipes, is extended family kinship to Hu-wah-nee, the lone Caddo POW.
Dolores Subia Big Foots children are Benita, Beth, and Bryce Big Foot. Their father was named Sam Big Foot, a Northern Cheyenne. Sam Big Foots mother was named Mary Big Foot Red Cherries. She was a Northern Cheyenne.

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