Old Bull Bear, 84 yrs. old, died 11-4-1892.
Marriages: Woman Stands In Buffalo Hole, Died 1877, Cheyenne; Pipe Woman, Died 1878, Cheyenne; Mrs. Bull Elk, Cheyenne.
Children: Sharp Nose Woman, mother Pipe Woman died 1887; Clouding Woman/Sage Woman, mother Pipe Woman; Howling White, mother Pipe Woman; Oscar Bull Bear/Stands Till Morning, mother Pipe Woman; Young Bull Bear, mother Woman Stands in Buffalo Hole, died 1910; Richard Davis/Crooked Nose, died 8-15-1913; Emma Red Hair, died 7-24-1893; Elsie Davis.
Children of Deceased Children: Nellie Haag/Woman, parents Young Bull Bear and Antelope; Old White Woman #1, 4 yrs. old, prior deceased; Lucy/Florence Bull Bear/ Old White Woman #2, Parents Young Bull Bear and Antelope; Standing Elk, parents Young Bull Bear and Antelope, prior deceased; Dock-ka-me-you, prior deceased; Charles Matches, parents Percy Kable and Emma Red Hair.
Parents: not shown
Brothers and Sisters not shown (Ruby Bushyhead Coll.)