Lean Bear.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW.
Little Beaver Woman #23, 93 yrs. old, died 2-12-1894.
Marriages: Yellow Shirt, died before allots., Cheyenne; Ma-sa-hav-e, died before allots., Cheyenne.
Children: Lean Bear, male, father Yellow Shirt, died 1876; Fish Woman, female, father Yellow Shirt, died 1876; One or Lone Killer, male, died 1879;Gray Skunk No. 1, 17 yre. old, father Ma-sa-hav-e, died 1853; Mis-tah-ha-e, male, died before allots.
Grandchildren: Walter Matches, parents Lean Bear and Mrs. Lean Bear, died Before allots.; Carl Matches, male, 24 yrs. old, parents Lean Bear and Womans Heart, died 1885; Buffalo Hide/Leola Jones, 23 yrs.old, parents Lean Bear and Womans Heart, died 1886; Hill, male, 18 yrs. old, parents Pushing Bear and Fish Woman, died before allots.; Hairy Face, female, parents Pushing Bear and Fish Woman, died before allots.; Martin Flying Bird, 22 yrs. old, parents One Killer and Wastin, died 3-1-1900; Flash of Lighting, female, 36 yrs. old, One Killer and Womans Heart.
Great- Grandchildren: Charley Matches, parents Walter Matches and Emma Red Hair; Lone Killer, male, 4yrs. old.
Emma Red Hair testified that Lean Bear committed suicide when taken to Florida as a prisoner. Mrs. Lean Bear testified she and Womans Heart were sisters, and Gray Skunk, son of Little Beaver Woman was killed by Pawnees. Charley Matches other name is Gray Skunk.
Note: Matches #1: Walter Matches may have died before allots. He was the father of Charlie Wicks Matches. Charlies mother was Emma Red Hair. They were allotted with James Red Hair. Emma Red Hair and Charlie Matches, 10 yrs.old.
Matches #2 was allotted #583, 43 yrs.old in 1892. His wife Ponca Woman # 584 was 34 yrs.old. A son is shown with them as Has No Shirt, 11 yrs. old. Matches #583 died 10-26-1914. No children are shown in his record. Ponca Woman #584 died 11-28-1908 at age 51 yrs. old. No children are shown for her either. After death of Ponca Woman Matches married Long Face. In testimony in Matches probate, Little Hand and Spotted Hawk testified Has No Shirt was son of Little Woman, sister of Ponca Woman. Has No Shirt/Forest Matches, his father was Crow. Parents of Matches: Gu-nim and Coming In sight, both died before allots. Parents of Ponca Woman: Young Dog, died 1884 and Crooked Nose, died 1887.

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Father of Walter and Carl Matches / died 1876 - comitted suicide.

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Lean Bear
        Jonas (Asa Jones) Matches. Rg 1328. CIIS ID #298. arrived 8/31/1882 aged 15. father listed as deceased, mother living. Address given c/- Lean Bear. At CIIS until 9/18/1883. dead by 1904.

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