Francis Lee, Arapaho
U.S. Dept. of Interior
Office of Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.
Education- Administration Circular #401, March 12, 1910.
To All Indian Superintendents
"Report and statistics on returned students that attended non-reservation schools in so far as the success or failure is concerned."
Carlisle, Pennsylvania. (Name and Occupation Shown Below)
Ernie Black, works by the day and has sold his land.
Harvey White Shield, looks after his own business and rents his land for a share of the crop.
Joe Pawnee, none at present.                         
William Abe Somers, none.
Alfred Brown,none.
Charles DeBrae, farmer.
Henry Roman Nose, none.
Cohoe, none.
James Hamilton, none.
(The above Cheyennes)
Arapahoes: Comanche, none; Phillip Rabbit, none; John H. Williams, none, has sold his land; Francis Lee, none; Dan Tucker, none; Cleaver Warden, farmer; Tom Carlisle, none; Howling Wolf, none, (Cheyenne).

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Theresa Lee, Stockbridge
  • Blood quantum: 1/4 Stockbridge, date of birth 9/12/1895.
  • Father:  William Lee, (white and living), mother Bertha Lee, 1/2 Stockbridge and living in Evanston Illinois.
  • Arrived Carlisle: 8/31/1909 departed 6/30/1911 - sent home at departmental request.
  • Came to Carlisle after having 3 yrs previous schooling at Evanston.  Siblings: 2 living sisters, 4 deceased brothers. In 1911, living in Evanston IL, going to school and on the track team.  Plays piano.
From the database of Genevieve Bell, abstracted from Student folder of NARA file, Record Group 75, File 1327, Folder # ______.

References found in the Carlisle Indian School Newspapers:

    Mr. Stauffer has organized a choir composed of thirty-two members as follows: Sopranos, Theresa Lee, Dolly Stone, Mary Redthunder, Marjorie Jackson, Mary Silas, Texie Tubbs, Daphne Waggoner, Lilah Waterman, Lily Simmons, Laura Tubbs, Agnes Jacobs, Thirza Bernell, and Sarah Hoxie. Altos, Nona Crowe, Agnes Waite, A. Greenbrier, Rose La Rose, Charlotte Welan, Amelia Wheelock, and Stella Bradely. Tenors, Percy Paroka, John Goalin, John Runsclose, Harry Woodbury, Alonaon Pollock, and John Bastlan. Bass, Harry Wheeler, Fred Cornelius, Howard Pierce, William Owl, Fritz Hendricks and Thos. St. Germaine.

-October 1915 ARROW.

  Last Friday evening the Mercers rendered a musical program, which was as follows: Song, Mercers; piano solo, Theresa Lee; vocal solo, Ernestine Venne; recitation, Florence McLane; violin solo, Eva Flood accompanied by Mary Pleets: vocal solo, Agnes Jacobs; anecdotes of members, Gladys McLane; recitation, Thirza Bernel; guitar solo, Christiana Gabriel, dialogue, Cecelia Swamp, Lillian Porterfield, Thirza Bernel, Phenia Anderson and Clemence LaTraille; vocal solo, Carlysle est owing to the untiring efforts of Miss McDowell and Misses Johnston and Lacrone. It was given as follows: Hymn, Joy to the World, School; prayer, Miss McDowell; "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem," ‘School; reading, "The Christmas Story,-"from Matthew and Luke, Miss McDowell; "Ring, Oh Ring, Ye Joy Bell!" Girls from Miss Johnston’s class, Cecelia Swamp, Tena Hood, Ida Bartlett, Cora Battice, and Mamie Rose; recitation, Christmas Stars, girls from Miss Lacrone’s class, Elizabeth LaVatta, Nora Grounds, Floretta Poodry, Mae Parker; duet, "Luther‘s Cradle Hymn," Inez Whitwell, Stella Veith; song, "Rock-a-Bye, Baby," Jessie Veith; recitation, "Go Forth to Meet the King," Elizabeth Kruger; "The First Christmas, " Myrtle Thomas; Christmas Carol, Christiana Gabriel; "The Story of the Other Wise Man," Mr. Nagay; Shine Forth, Oh Star of Glory; Miss Johnston’s class. "Silent Night, Holy Night," and "Onward Christian Soldiers," were the closing hymns.

December 30, 1910 ARROW

  The Mercers held their meeting in Y. W. C. A. hall last Friday evening at the usual hour. The society, after transacting some business, listened to the interesting and amusing notes of the reporter. A short but interesting program was rendered which consisted of the following: Piano solo, Theresa Lee; impromptu, Grace Jones; piano solo, Mary Pleets: mandolin selection, Agnes Waite. The question debated :Resolved, "That the cotton industry is more important than the woolen." The Affirmative speakers were Rebecca Thomas and Ruth Elm; negative Lillian Walker and Phenia Anderson. The judges decided in favor of the affirmative. Miss Beach, the official visitor, gave the girls a helpful talk urging them to do their best when on the program.

February 3, 1911 ARROW

  The Mercers’ Senior Program.
  The complimentary program given by the Mercer Literary Society to the Graduating Class was a remarkable success and those who took part deserve special commendation for their efforts.
  The entertainment opened with well-chosen words of welcome delivered in a very pleasing manner by the president, Emma Jackson. The program was then given as follows: Song, Mercers; Senior prophecy, Gladys McLean; selection, Mercer Mandolin Club; oration, Emma Jackson; duet, Agnes Waite and Agnes Jacobs; charade, Phenia Anderson, Rose LaRose, Lillian Walker, Anna Roulette; vocal solo, Carlysle Greenbrier; selection by quartette, Carlysle Greenbrier, Thirza Bernel, Amelia Wheelock, Estelle Bradley; dialogue, Ida Bartlett, Agnes Jacobs, Agnes Waite, Lillian Porterfield, Clemence La Traile, Theresa Lee, Lida Wheelock, Charlotte Welch, Amelia Wheelock, Cecelia Matlock, Thirza Bernel, Ollie Bourbonnais, Anna Roulette, Eugenia La Roche; piano duet, Theresa Lee, Mary Pleets; declamation, Helen Johnson; violin duet, Rose La Rose and Eva Flood; recitation, Susie Porter; sextette, Ernestine Venne, Sadie Ingalls, Lillian Walker, Estelle Bradley, Lillian Porterfield, Clemence La Traile; society prophecy, Lillian Simons; witticisms, Ollie Bourbonnais; selection, Mandolin Club.
  Mr. Friedman and Mr. and Mrs. Whitwell were present. Mr. Friedman made an address and several of the Seniors also expressed their pleasure of the evening.

March 3, 1911 ARROW

  The Mercers Literary Society rendered the following program last Friday evening: Society song, Mercers; declamation, Ruth Elm; piano solo, Theresa Lee; violin sob, Eva Flood; recitation, Verna Nori. The debate: Resolved, "That Washington had greater presidential abilities than Lincoln." Affirmative, Ruth Elm and Esther Moose; negative, Sadie Ingalls and Evelyn Blackbird. The affirmatives won. The-visitors were Mrs. Nori, Dr. DeForny, Clara and Pearl Bonser and Julia Guyon.

March 31, 1911 ARROW
  Theresa Lee, ex-student, writes from her home in Evanston, Ill., that she is well and happy.
December 1, 1911 ARRROW
  Theresa Lee, who went home last June, writes that she is well, and therefore, happy.
February 2, 1912 ARROW
  Through a letter we learn that Theresa Lee is keeping house for her parents at her home in Evanston, Ill.November 14, 1913 ARROW.