Left Hand.  No-mohst.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW
Geary Times Journal, July 26, 1928

Grant Left Hand, Prominent Arapaho Chief Dies.
Grant Left Hand and Robert Burns were the first two Indian boys to go to Carlisle Indian School.

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From a trip to the Indian Territory, we gather some interesting news about a number of our returned students. Benajah Miles and Casper Edson are government school farmers. Jesse Bent, Cleaver Warden and Grant Left Hand are clerking in the stores. Robert Brown and Kish Hawkins are clerking in Agent's Office. Luke Bear Shield is school clerk and interpreter at Darlington. Julia Bent is teaching at the Cheyenne agency school. John Williams is Register of Wills of one of the counties with a salary If $1,000 a year. William Fletcher is also a Register of Wills and hay the best cornfield in that vicinity. Oscar Bull Bear, is Assistant Government Farmer at, Seger, Okla. Leonard Tyler is Assistant Farmer at Cheyenne School. Jennie Black Tyler, his wife is assistant laundress at the same school. Mary North Tassie has a Cheyenne husband, is living on a good farm, is a good housekeeper, and exerts a good influence. At the Pawnee Agency, Stacy Matlack and William Morgan are district government farmers. Rose Howell is assistant matron at Otoe school. Louie Bayhylle is on the police force. Robert Matthews has resigned his position as school farmer and expects to come east on his own work. Frank West is married. Paul Boynton is filling some county office. Henry North has resigned his position as clerk in Agent's Office. The three last are working on their claims. Maud Chief Killer is married to Colonel Horn and they are working at the Cheyenne school. All the returned students are doing well.
August 11, 1893 INDIAN HELPER
(8) Ni-mo-ist/Left Hand; 1 man, 2 woman, 3 children, total 6; 

Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipes 2004 Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Fort Marion and Darlington Agency, Indian Territory Sections, File Numbers 42-56. Enrollment of Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribe of Indians at the Agency. (This census shows native name, English interpretation, number of men, women and children in the family with the total in family. Notation at end of this Cheyenne census states: "I certify on honor that the foregoing is a full correct and complete list of Cheyenne Indians - and those only - at the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, Indian Territory, who are entitled to subsistance. (S)" Jon D. Miles, U.S. Indian Agent, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, I.T., March 1st, 1878.

NARA: Ernest Left Hand, Grant Left Hand / relatives?
   Ernest Left Hand, Arapahoe, was with us a year. To the question, Do you wear Indian clothes? he says "O, yes, indeed." Is not married. Does not attend any church. He says if he had a chance to work he would not "do any Indian way."

June 1890 RED MAN, p. 3.

Left Hand.
        Ernest Left Hand. Rg 1327#145. CIIS ID #389. arrived at CIIS on 10/22/1883 aged 13. his father is listed as LeftHand, chief. He is listed as living, mother is deceased. Stayed at CIIS until 10/21/1884 then sent home sick. Had one outing: Jacob Livezey, Buckmanville 4/7/1884-8/14/1884. Married Crooked Star daughter of Blackman (arapahoe). Living in Geary OK. In 7/3/1912 had 3 kids, 2 boys (ages 3 yrs and 3 mths) 1 girl (aged 9years)/

        Grant LeftHand. Rg 1327#142. Listed as Arapahoe. No more details. Probably left CIIS around 1882. married Kate Stalker. Spent 28 years as clerk in Indian trader store. 1882, shoemaker at Arapahoe school. 

        Kate Stalker, Kate Stocker,Kate S Left Hand. Rg 1327#2306. CIISID #368. Cheyenne. Arrived at CIIS 9/21/1886 aged 17. both her parents are listed as deceased. She stayed at CIIS until 9/25/1895 and had a lot of outings: G Rogers, Calvert MD, 5/2/1888-9/29/1888; M SHarpless, Landeburg 5/27/1889-11/07/1889; R Bishop, Columbus 5/17/1890-9/12/1890;Major Alvood, College Station, 4/4/1891-10/01/1891; J Bishop,Columbus 9/8/1892-9/13/1893, 4/20/1894-9/14/1894; J Davis,Walnut Bootom 4/9/1895-5/25/1895. Married Grant Left Hand. 11/25/10. living in Darlington OK. Had a house and buggy and more. Was a seamstress at Arap School for 1 year in 1895. (there is a letter from here to Nellie Robertson on file).

Genevieve Bell NARA collection.

C&A. Letterbooks, Cantonment, Vol. 1:182-184. Wm. M. Pulling to C.F. Ashley, 
Oct. 5, 1892.
...schools filled to over 70 pupils in attendance. The Cheyennes came in 
large numbers for a talk with me. 5 Companies of "Dog Soldiers" being 
present a part of whom came mounted and drawn up in line firing Winchesters 
into the air( in demonstration of joy, I suppose). Among their first 
questions was, " Are you afraid?" I said "No". Short speeches were made by 
No-com-is-tah, Red Lodge, Whirlwind, Little Medicine, Little Big Jake, 
Howling Wolf, Little Man, Medicine Crazy, Roman Nose Thunder, Left Hand 
Woman, White Horse, Man-on-Cloud, and Star. The burden of which was 
self-praise for their conduct, request for a feast, and to ask that beef 
issues be made weekly hereafter( in recognition, I suppose, of their 
distinqished favors, they ask me to write their speeches.....I gave them a 
small feast from the commissary and will send a copy of the speeches later. 
Some of the whites think I need not have received them in council. There was 
no real use, but for peaces sake I listened patiently, and they went away 
pleased. I believe that all the new scholars reside in the Sub-Agency.

John Sipes.

   The Indian Chiefs.

  The chiefs from the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, presented a fine appearance as they sat upon the rostrum last Wednesday evening.  They listened with interest to the band and choir and to Mr. Standing's address of welcome.  When Major Pratt spoke of their presence with us and his pleasure at having them here, he said they were men he knew 31 years ago at a time when some of the tribes were not friendly, and it was interesting if not dangerous to be among them.  Mr. Standing referred to his pioneer life down in the section of the country from whence they had come.  He said he knew Left Hand the best.  Robert Burns, interpreted for the Cheyennes and Cleaver Warden for the Arapahoes.  Both were early pupils of Carlisle.  When it came time for the chiefs to speak, Major introduced Left Hand first.  He said he was one of the men he had met on the Washita 31 years ago.  The Major had met Mr. Standing down in that country also, and it was through his work of preparation that we got 56 of the children of the two tribes that these chiefs represented, to enter Carlisle.  Left Hand sent three of his own boys.
  Left Hand, Arapahoe, said in part, Cleaver Warden, interpreter:
  My friends, I am glad to see you all gathered in this room.  I consider myself as deaf and dumb, but there is a light before me and all the Indians in the United States.  Since I came here and saw you I have been encouraged, and I want to impress upon you that you are to carry heavy responsibilities in the future.  I shall have  a great deal to tell my people when I go home.
  Wolfe Robe, Cheyenne, Robert Burns, interpreter, said: "I am glad to see you all and I am very glad to see that you are learning something.  Improve your time while you are here, so you will be able to manage affairs when you go out from this school.  I have been here before and I am glad to be here now."  Wolfe Robe spoke eloquently in his own language, which sounded very strange to the ears of most of his audience.
  The Major in introducing Buffalo Meat, Cheyenne, said that he had had the unpleasant duty, years ago as an officer of the army, to put chains upon this man, before taking him to Florida as a prisoner of war.  The taking of 74 of the warriors of the southwestern plains in 1875, to Florida proved to be the greatest moving cause toward the establishing of Carlisle.  Although the Major was obliged to treat Buffalo Meat so harshly they had always been friends, and when the time came to send children to Carlisle, Buffalo Meat was ready.
  Buffalo Meat said in part:
  "These are the representative men of my tribe.  The only advice I have to give to the pupils before me is to improve.  We are blind and cannot hear from ourselves.  I am a member of the church, and I pray for the students of the Carlisle school.  I have seen other schools, and I picked out this, for I think this is the best."  Then Buffalo Meat bowed his head in prayer, and in his own language which was not interpreted, sent up a petition that was impressive and powerful.  Although we could not understand a word he uttered the power of the Spirit was manifest and the very breath of his audience could be heard in the stillness of the moment.  Buffalo Meat is the first Christian Chief, uneducated, who ever prayed orally before the Carlisle school.
  Then Robert Burns, Jesse Bent and Cleaver Warden, ex-students who were the interpreters for the visitors, spoke earnestly showing that they too, considered it a privilege to say a few words to the school.  At the close, the audience sang America, and the students marched out as the band played.

December 16, 1898 INDIAN HELPER

Ralph S. Connell, Special Agent, to B.E. White, Supt.,  July, 24th, 1906.
At the Ponca Agency, White Eagle, Okla. Six Indians from Cantonment, Ben Buffalo, White Face Bull, Left Hand, Horace Little Man, Cheap and Bob-Finger were taken by Supt. Noble on the Ponca Res. "for leading a Mescal Bean conclave." They claim to obtain the beans through Leonard Tyler, a Carlisle graduate...."wants absolute evidence about the source of the supply"----Arrest Tyler.
Connell to G.W.H. Stouch, July 28th, 1906---wants to know where Tyler obtains the beans. (Note from J. Sipes-This is peyote not mescal beans)

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Left Hand # 645, 81 yrs. old,died 9-13-1916, ( This is the Cheyenne Left Hand and not Arapaho)
Marriages: Owl Woman #184
Ve-ce-va/Plenty Woman # 646.
Children: Curved Nose Woman, mother Ve-ce-va; Belly Nose/Crooked Nose, male, 37 yrs., mother Ve-ce-va; Twenty Standing, 17 yrs., mother Owl Woman, died 3-1-1898.
Parents: Lame Shawnee, died before allots. and Jealous Bear, died before allots.

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Cheyenne Beef Issue Bands (No Date) At Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency.
 Band No. 6, Buffalo Meat, 32 Persons;  Band No. 20, Medicine Water, 36 Persons; Band No. 43, Left Hand, 37 Persons; Band No. 45, Little Medicine, 30 Persons; Band No. 51, Prairie Chief, Son of Grey Beard, 36 Persons; Band No. 53, Little Chief, 23 Persons; Band No. 23, Antelope, 30 Persons.
(Sipes Ft. Marion POW Files On Returned Prisoners)

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Left Hand/Oliver Barber, male, born 1852.

Left Hand, male, born 1879.

Census of the Cheyenne Indians of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency. Seger Agency on June 30, 1927, taken by L.S. Bonnin, Superintendent.
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Cheyenne and Arapaho Delegation regarding Black Hills Claims.
Elected Indian Fair Committee for Feb. 12th, 1913, for the Calumet District Cheyennes are Herbert Walker and Joe Miguel. Alternatives are Howling Hawk and Victor Bushy Head.
Signatures of Cheyennes are: Little Chief, (his mark); Man on the Cloud or Riding on Cloud, (nephew of Man on Cloud from the Watonga District), (his mark); High Chief; Frank Hill; Robert White Eye, ( his mark); Mack Haag; Hugh Antelope; Doc Hill; and C.M. Wicks.
Kingfisher District Cheyennes are Buffalo Meat and Joe Yellow Eyes.
Alternatives are Andrew Tasso and Max Van Horn.
Signatures are Albert Red Nose; Sampson Kelly; Clark Starr; Raymond Buffalo Meat; Philip Cook; Sampson Lame Bull; Harry Hauser; Sioux Left Hand, (his mark); Medicine Bear, (his mark); Sore Head, (his mark); Stump Horn; Clark Starr; Orin Turtle; and John W. Block.

Text Copyright (c) 2005 John Sipe Collection, Sipe Cheyenne Collection, Indian Fairs Section.

Watonga Republican Newspaper, May 12, 1921, Thursday.
The C&A council held a meeting at Watonga, Okla., on Friday last. A struggle occurred between the younger educated leaders and the older, traditional leaders.
The council decided to go to Washington and present tribal claims to the Black Hills (South Dakota), which was signed away years ago without tribal authorization.
Temporary Chairman--Grant Left Hand but lapsed into Cheyenne quickly and the Arapahoes quickly found an interpreter.
President- Robert Burns- Concho
Vice- Pres.- Henry Rowlodge-Greenfield
Sec.-Jesse Rowlodge- Geary
Treas.- Ed Shield- Calumet
Delegates. Watonga--Deforest Antelope, Magpie, Little Hand, George Rearing Bull; Fay-- Turkey Legs and Chas, Starr; Concho--Robert Burns and Ed Shields; Calumet-- Mack Haag and Wm. Curtis; Geary--Jesse Rowlodge, Hail and Bird Chief; Clinton-- Alfrich Heap of Birds; Colony--Alfred Wilson and Left hand; Hammon-- Standing Water and Howling Water, Cantonment-- Ernie Black, White Wolf and Geo. Curtis; Carlton and Canton-- Henry Lincoln, Joe Williams, Frank Harrington, Little Raven, White Shirt, Bringing Good and Rabbit Run, Kingfisher-- Sampson Kelly, Sore Head, Henry Starr and John Block.

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Watonga Republican Newspaper, Feb. 2, 1928.
Representatives of the Cheyennes and Arapahoes going to Washington on Feb. 1, 1928. Robert Burns, Concho; Alfred Wilson, Weatherford; Jesse Rowlodge, Geary; Arnold Woolworth, Calumet were delegates chosen January 6th, at El Reno for special council on Black Hills Claim.
Daniel B. Henderson of Washington will present their claims. Jesse Rowlodge was a member of the delegation two years previously. Senator Hendricks of Wyoming and Senator Walsh of Montana supported a bill for the claim. The Oklahoma delegation also supports the bill.
Delegates to the meeting: Cantonment- Herbert Walker and Red Bird, Cheyennes; Watonga- John Block and Deforest Antelope, Cheyennes; Clinton- Kias and John Fletcher, Cheyennes; Colony- Theodore Haury and Henry Little Bird, Arapahoes; Weatherford- Jacob Runner and Alfred Wilson, Cheyennes; Canton- Little Raven and White Shirt(Man), Arapahoes; Cantonment- Ben Buffalo and Left Hand, Cheyennes; Geary- Henry Rowlodge and Arnold Woolworth, Arapahoes; Calumet- Henry Miles and Bird Chief, Jr., Arapahoes; Calumet- Mack Haag and Harry Black, Cheyennes; Kingfisher- Joe Yellow Eyes and Clarence Shepard, Cheyennes.

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