Little Chief. Ko-we-o-narre.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW.
Went to Hampton: Conwayhownif, arrived age 31 Apr 1878.  Jun 1879,  Removal to Carlisle 

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   William Little Chief, Cheyenne, one of the original Florida prisoners, was here for a year and a half, and is now scouting.

June 1890 THE RED MAN, p. 4.

Cheyenne Chiefs, Wolf Robe Little Bear, Little Chief and Cloud Chief with Leonard Taylor as interpreter, and the Arapahoes, Left Hand and wife, Row Of &tidges, Scabby Bidl, Black Wolf,- Black Coyote with Jesse 
Bent as their interpreter, and Kish Hawkins, who visited the school last week left for the West on Friday afternoon. At a meeting, fin Thursday evening most of the chiiefs made remark?, e substance of-which will be printed in the coming Red Man. 
December 11, 1891 INDIAN HELPER 

 Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pa. 
 VOL. XIII. FRIDAY, April 15, 1898  NUMBER 26 
   The school has been visited this week by an interesting delegation of Arapaho Chiefs, on their return to Indian Territory from Washington, DC, where they had been attending to tribal business.  Left Hand, Sitting Bull, Black Coyote, Washee, Sage, Little Chief and Pawnee formed the company, with Benjamin Roadtraveller as interpreter.  Joseph Blackbear, '98, paid them special attention while here.  They were dressed in citizens' 
clothes, and wore broadrimmed black hats.  Most of them had long hair.  When Joe took them to Harrisburg to see them on their right train he was asked if that were the famous Carlisle Indian football team. 

Left Hand, SitliUg Bull, Black Coyote, Creek, South Dakota: Oneida, Wis.; comedies in several acts and song and Wubhee, sir@, Little chief, P’aWUee, ali Cheyenne acd R,Verslde, one people. Incorporaliug thrmsblve* 
Atapaho chiefa, Oklahoma; choruees. with or without the music, at wilh their inLerPreter zIoOpa Valley Boarding .Xchool, Calif.; with us 8s citiseeua of tlra Uulrad Stuted. Ben Roadtrsveller Were the Indian visit- Prices ranglog from one dollar to four dol- b eel es the Dey Schoole ot Pine Ridge lcra. ‘d this lb what the n,uur~lprogr,~aof thiugs om 01 Lhu mouth. They stupptd nff for a and Rosebud, 8. D&k., and the Mission 
willof courz,e bring MI, crud it will be few 1loUrB ou their WaYfrOm WashIngton, Day Schools of Cel4forols. 
They COnlain .%llllaiOne 10 features corn--Ø better to promota EL&,, ,ccard it.” D. C., to their homea in Oklahoma. 
April 1898 RED MAN 

  Cleaver Warden, Jessie Bent, Left Hand, Scabby Bull, Black Crow, White Buffalo, Washie, of the Arapahoe tribe; Robert Burns, John Otterby, Little Wolfe, Little Chief, Little Hand, Horse Road, Big Bear, Cloud Chief, Buffalo Meat, Three Fingers, All Runner, Wolfe Robe, Prairie Chief, of the Cheyenne tribe, and all of the Oklahoma Territory, in charge of Mr. Chester Cornelius, arrived from Washington, on Wednesday.  Messrs. Burns, Warden and Bent are old Carlisle pupils. 
December 9, 1898 INDIAN HELPER 

   Although the weather was not very favorable, a very successful fair was 
held at Rosebud Agency on September 24, 25, and 26th.  The exhibits, all grown by Indians on the reservation, consisted of corn;  tomatoes, squashes, pumpkins, potatoes, cabbage, wheat, oats, peanuts, and beets. 
   Henry Horse Looking, an old Carlisle student, had on exhibition samples of wheat and oats raised on his allotment and said to be the first  raised by Rosebud Indians. Among ihe successful exhibitors were Irons the Fire, Neck Shield, Little Chief, 
Crazy-Bby, Henry Horse Looking, Quick Bear, Walks in the Woods, and White 
Thunder. Superintendent Striven and-l&- cotirkers -deserve a~ great 
deal of credit for the success of the _~ exhib%tion. _~ 
October 4, 1912 ARROW
Minor artist. 
Went to Lee. June 1879.  Oct 1879 to Carlisle. 

Fear-Segal from Plains Indian Art....

Little Chief 
        Lena Little Chief. (rg 1329). Listed as Arap. Father given as Little Chief. Arrived at Carlisle on 10/22/1883 at age 15. was sent home ill on 2/26/1884. 

Genevieve Bell NARA Collection.

Minor artist. 
Went to Lee. June 1879.  Oct 1879 to Carlisle. 

Fear Segal Research, Plains Indian Art...........

1881 U.S. Census, Indian Division, Cheyenne Tribe. 

Little Chief/Caw-ve-hu-nive, Florida Prisoner, male,27, occupation is 
physicians apprentice. 

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Colony, Okla., Dec. 22, 1898.
The Honorable Commissioner of the Indian Affairs, Washington D.C.
Sir: We have attended the council called by the Agent (Woodson) to hear the report on the delegation who visited Washington recently.
We are not entirely satisfied with their report, as it seems to conflict in some points, and to our mind some one is trying to put an attorney on us before we fully understand the matter.
We therefore write this to inform you, and to enter our protest against any one being employed, by the Cheyenne and Arapahoes, as an attorney until such time as we shall duly consent to the name, and have fully canvased the matter by the whole tribe.
We do not wish you to understand that we are utterly opposed to having an attorney, but we wish to know what we are doing, and wish the whole tribe to understand the matter as well.
And desire if one is employed that all or a full majority at least shall give their consent to the one selected.
In making this appeal to you we desire to state, that we the undersigned are fully authorized in this matter, by more than 9/10 of the Cheyennes, and that we represent the Cantonment District, Red Moon, Washita, Salt Creek and Old Crow Districts. Which comprises fully 9/10 of the Cheyennes.
And we got our friend to write this as we desire to be understood by you. And we further desire that if you see fit to make any acknowledgement of this that you direct the same to his care at this point. which we know will be given to us, and a full and careful interpretation of its contents be made us, so that we may and will fully understand.
We are Sir very respectfully: Little Wolf (his X mark); Bob-Tail- Wolf (his X mark); Wm. Little Chief (his X mark). Wittness: Albert Long, Interpreter.
Direct to care of Wm. Delendernier, Colony, Okla.

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7350/1907, Seger File, #127, Walter Roe,Supt. of Okla. Missions, Reformed Church of America to C.F. Larnabee. Comm. of Ind. Affairs, Aug. 30,1907.
Recommends 34 Indians to lease and handle their own property. John Washee, Cleaver Warden, Hartley Ridge Bear, Wm. Little Chief, Alfrich Heap of Birds, Stacy Riggs, Watan, and Kias, (Note: Kias or Short Nose was father- in- law of Ed Burns. Ed was son of Robert Burns.) (Sipes Field Notes), were among the 34.

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Note: As late as 1926 patents in fee simple were being denied because of lack of education and general business abilities.
Many of the applicants were unable to speak or write English. Where land could be disposed of under supervision it was recommended the land be sold by the Agent and Commisioner of Indian Affairs.
Most of the land belonged to the elderly, orphans and those Indians considered incompetent by the arbitrary decision of both the Agent and Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Colony Courier, Nov. 3, 1910.

William Little Chief of Deer Creek was here and is reported doing very well.

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Colony Courier, Nov. 17, 1910

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter returned from Deer Creek friday where they have been visiting William Little Chief and others in that spot.

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Elected Indian Fair Committee for Feb. 12th, 1913, for the Calumet District Cheyennes are Herbert Walker and Joe Miguel. Alternatives are Howling Hawk and Victor Bushy Head.
Signatures of Cheyennes are: Little Chief, (his mark); Man on the Cloud or Riding on Cloud, (nephew of Man on Cloud from the Watonga District), (his mark); High Chief; Frank Hill; Robert White Eye, ( his mark); Mack Haag; Hugh Antelope; Doc Hill; and C.M. Wicks.
Kingfisher District Cheyennes are Buffalo Meat and Joe Yellow Eyes.
Alternatives are Andrew Tasso and Max Van Horn.
Signatures are Albert Red Nose; Sampson Kelly; Clark Starr; Raymond Buffalo Meat; Philip Cook; Sampson Lame Bull; Harry Hauser; Sioux Left Hand, (his mark); Medicine Bear, (his mark); Sore Head, (his mark); Stump Horn; Clark Starr; Orin Turtle; and John W. Block.

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Colony Courier, June 3, 1915.

Three Fingers of the Darlington Agency is around Colony visiting friends.Bear Bow, Indian Policeman, and him are cousins. Three Fingers is expecting to make Willow Dance at Old Man Little Chiefs allotment near Calumet before very many days, provided their superintendent allows him to have this dance. He is going to assist him in this dance, as it is the custom of the Indians to help one another in these dances.

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Cheyenne Beef Issue Bands (No Date) At Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency.
 Band No. 6, Buffalo Meat, 32 Persons;  Band No. 20, Medicine Water, 36 Persons; Band No. 43, Left Hand, 37 Persons; Band No. 45, Little Medicine, 30 Persons; Band No. 51, Prairie Chief, Son of Grey Beard, 36 Persons; Band No. 53, Little Chief, 23 Persons; Band No. 23, Antelope, 30 Persons.
(Sipes Ft. Marion POW Files On Returned Prisoners)

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Hearing to determine heirs of Old Mrs. White Horse, Cheyenne, held at Cantonment, Okla., April 22, 1916.-- had three children, White Horse, Fat Bull, and White Bear- her husband Old White Horse dead at time of her death- Fat Bull is witness to this hearing and he is the only one alive of the children- his brothers White Horse and White Bear both died in the summer 18 years ago- her parents were White Crazy (father) and Grief (mother)- she left one brother living at the time of her death named Little Chief.

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