William Little Elk #695 & Living Elk/Minnie Little Elk #696-(Married 1882 at Carlisle Indian School, Penn., by preacher).
Wm. Little Elk #695- Parents: Black Kettle #1946 & Stands Moving, died before allotments, Cheyenne.

Living Elk/Minnie Little Elk #696- Parents: Wolf Face #703 & Wa-hi-ah #704.
Wa-hi-ah #704- Parents: White Antelope, killed at Sand Creek Massacre 1864 & Yellow Horse, died before allotments, Cheyenne. 
Wm. Little Elk #695, 33 yrs. old in 1892.
Minnie Little Elk #696, 33 yrs. old in 1892.
Wolf Face #703- Parents: Eating wolf, died before allotments & Swollen, died before allotments. (1902 Family Register shows Bear Louse & Swollen by Decay).
Eating Wolf/Wolf Eats was father-in-law of Two Lances killed at Sand Creek Massacre 1864.
Crooked Nose ( daug. of Eating Wolf and wife of Two Lances/ Two Sticks) was allotted.

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   Little Elk, one of the returned Carlisle boys, went to Lawrence to act as baker for the new school, he having learned baking at Calrisle. His wife went with him and is engaged as assistant laundress. A number of other Carlisle pupils went and are employed in various ways about the institution. Thus it will be seen that Indian labor is being utilized as far as possible for helpers at this school.
-Cheyenne Transporter

September 1884 THE MORNING STAR, Vol. V: No. 2, p. 3

William Little Elk, 43, full blood, Chey., husb., married by Indian Custom, Father was Black Kettle and Mother was Stands Moving (dead).

Minnie Little Elk/Living Elk, 43, full blood, wife, Father was Wolf Face and Mother was

Children of William and Minnie Little Elk were: Emma/Flying Woman, 14, daug.;
Anna/Lightning Woman, 13, daug.; Herbert, 9, son.;Rosa, 5, daug.;Henry, 6 months old, son.

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(This note only says.....Pratt to Miles, Oct. 10, 1881, Minnie Little Elk.)

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(Berthrong Cheyenne Collection. Carlisle School Section.)