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No. 1650, Little Man, husb., 46; 1649, Pipe Woman, wife, 44; 1651 Bear
behind,son,12; 1652, Sarah Little Man, daug., 11; 1653, Martha Little Man,
daug., 7; 1647, Frowning Woman, daug., 5; 1648, Whirlwind, son, 3; 1654
Jacob Little Man, son, 19, at Carlisle.'

Cheyenne and Arapaho Delegation regarding Black Hills Claims.
Clinton Chronicle, April 30, 1914.
April 23rd. 1914.
Letter from John Seger "About Indians".
John Wilson has some fine alfalfa coming up. Stone Calfs not up. Perry Reynolds and sons Philip and Thomas have 1 acre of potatoes, 2 bushel of onion sets, 2 acres of early corn, 15 acres of field corn.
Little Man, Standing Bird, and Wade Black Owl have their corn planted. Stone Calf is planting corn. Little Man and Stone Calf have trimmed their peach trees.

Clinton Chronicle, April 30, 1914.
July 31st. 1913.
Indians returning from Cantonment Willow Dance (Sun Dance).
Those who denied themselves the pleasure to tend crops:
Mack Prairie Chief, Standing Bird, Perry Reynolds, Sidney Sioux, Harvey White Turtle, Little Man, Sioux Little Calf, John Wilson, Red Bird, Howling Crane, and Old Man Stone Road.
Ed Hadley, Indian Policeman at Colony, on vacation. Standing Bird sold 43 dozen roasting ears last week.
Darwin Hayes wife had a baby.

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Watonga Republican Newspaper, Feb. 8, 1917.
A delegation of Cheyennes and Arapahoes were received by President Wilson - Three Fingers presented him with a tobacco pouch and Magpie gave beaded moccasins - saw the President for ten minutes.
Delegation consisted of Three Fingers, Little Man, Tobacco, Magpie, Hicks, Howling Water, Bull Tongue, Alfrich Heap of Birds, Victor Bushy Head.
Ernie Black and Deforest Antelope were interpreters.
While in Washington, they employed Victor J. Evans, a Washington attorney for the Black Hills claim, fee contingent upon winning the case.

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