Long Back. Cha-se-yun-nuh.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW.
Longback. (RG 1327 #344). CIIS ID #206. Name given as Stanton (Long back). Cheyenne. Arrived 2/3/1881, aged 18. Father listed as deceased, mother living. Address c/ Broken Jaw, Brace. Listed as full Cheyenne. 69 inches, 165 lbs,. Stayed until 6/17/1884. Outings at M. Williams, Carlisle 6/25/1883-7/20/1883; M. Cornpropst, White house, Cumberland 7/28/1883-8/3/1883; and Charles Colema, Trenton 10/1/1883-1/27/1884.

Genevieve Bell NARA collection.                

R.H. Pratt, St. Augustine, Sept. 19, 1876, to Agent Miles.----Dr. Friend, I send here in money as follows-Long Back to his wife, $4.00; From Medicine Water to his mother, $1.00, Sister, $1.00, and three children $1.00 each- $5.00; From White man to his baby, $1.00; From Bear Shield to Jno F. Williams to be expended for Bear Shields wife, $2.00; From Making Medicine to his mother, $2.00. Total $14.00. I send by Str. to N. Y. and fast freight to Wichita a box of things to you for the families of the prisoners. A few send nothing. Have taken steps to hurry it through and anticipate it will get to Wichita in about three weeks. The enormous Ex. charges forbid it going that way. I leave the charges to be paid at your end. If you do not find a way to stand the whole or even a half notify me and I will make it some way and assist. Weight about 175#. Minimic says to tell his wife they are all out of kinnekenic.