Buffalo Calf.  Mo-chi.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW
See also: Medicine Water, Mochi's husband.

John Sipes' g-g-grandmother, Mochis.  She was the only married woman in the prisoner group.
Letter from R. H. Pratt, St. Augustine, to Agent Miles, Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Ind. Terr., July 26, 1876.---Dr. Friend, I send a package today. Mail addressed to you with nothing inside to show who it is for. Mochi sends it to her son and daughter. The shirt stuff for the boy and the shawl for the girl. 

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Note: Standing Bird family Oral History states: Man on Cloud #2078 was born in 1852 in the Dakotas the same year his brother, Alights on Cloud, (father of Man Riding on a Cloud #20), was killed by the (Wolf People) Pawnee on the South Loupe River in present day Nebraska. Earrings, brother to Alights on Cloud and Man on cloud #2078, was also killed in the same fight with
the Pawnee. Man Riding on a Cloud #20 is a nephew to Man on cloud #2078. Man on Cloud #2078 visited Carlisle Indian School with his friend Mad Wolf and several other Cheyennes while traveling to Washington D.C. Writers of  Cheyenne history have always confused Man on cloud #2078 with his nephew Man Riding on a Cloud #20. Man on Cloud #2078 was married to Marble #2079 which should be translated as Stone Road Woman or Hard Road Woman. She is buried at the Cantonment Indian Cemetery and he is buried at the Watonga Indian Cemetery. Iron Shirt
is buried at Watonga Indian Cemetery. Sprinkle Horse Woman is buried at Watonga Indian Cemetery. Measure Woman Standing Bird is buried at the Clinton Indian Cemetery. Henry Standing Bird (son-in-law of Medicine Water No. 2) and Medicine Water No. 2 are buried on a lone hill northeast of Clinton, Okla. with several other old Cheyennes. Mochi, wife of Medicine water No. 2
died in 1880 and was laid to rest with all honors of a Cheyenne Indian Warrior Woman along the Washita (Lodge Pole River). Medicine Water No. 2 died on the Standing Bird allotment 5 miles northeast of Clinton, oklahoma and was buried with all honors of a Head War Chief of the Cheyenne Bowstring Warrior Society. Man on Cloud #2078, Iron Shirt #2080, Alights on Cloud, and
their nephew, Man riding on a Cloud #20, were all Cheyenne Chiefs. Standing Bird , 
son-in-law, of Medicine Water No.2 was a Chief and Road Priest for the Native American Church. Man on Cloud #2078 led a war party to Texas in the early 1860s and captured a small Mexican boy that was adopted into the tribe and received an allotment in 1892. Man on Cloud #2078 was Sgt. of the Indian Police at Darlington, a Sgt. in the Cheyenne Indian Scouts, spoke against the land allotments in 1890-92, went to Washington D.C. for the tribe as spokesman. He rode and fought
with his brothers Medicine Water and Iron Shirt. Iron shirt and the extended kinship were camped in the floor of Palo Duro Canyon and attacked by soldiers in the Red River War of 1874-75 just prior to the surrender of the last Cheyennes at darlington and Ft. Reno when Medicine Water and Mochi were put in chains and shackles to be shipped to Ft. Marion.

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Cheyenne And Arapaho Agency, Oklahoma.
Seger Agency
Industrial Survey Report, Agents Reports File
May 17, 1922
Goose ( Goose is brother-in-law to Standing Bird. Standing Bird son-in-law to Medicine Water and Mochi, POWs)
Allot. #2830, Age 60, full blood Cheyenne, number in family, wife.
Date of Survey: April 14, 1922.
Home on Bernitz Creek seven miles northwest of Clinton, Okla.
Goose is quite an old man and he and his wife make their home in a one room house located on the allotment, which is near the home of his son, Flynn. He is too old to work regularly but assists his son as much as his physical condition will permit. He has four horses. I visited his home on the afternoon of April 14, 1922, arriving at the place at 3:00 p.m. in company with the Agency Physician and the District Farmer. No sickness was found in the family.

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