The Carlisle Indian Industrial School (CIIS) operated in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. from 1879 to 1918. During that time, somewhere between 8000 to 12000 students attended this first non-reservation, co-educational, government funded boarding school exclusively for Native Americans. Records relating to the school are housed in the National Archives (NARA Record Group 75, File Number 1327) and publications also held in the Cumberland County Historical Sociey (CCHS), Carlisle PA.

     Pupils from at least 85 different Native American Nations attended Carlisle. The following primary source information pertains only to pupils listed from the Stockbridge (Mohican) Nation.
     The information we have relied upon was generated in the 1880s-1920s and some of it may be inaccurate (ie: birthdates, ages, blood quantum, and spelling of names). We have chosen to present it as it was recorded at the time.  Where possible we have included references to any known photographs.

     While we are aware that some of this information deals with personal or family history, with the recent opening of the Natioanl Archive records under the 75 year Privacy Rule, we thought it important to make the data available. Similar information exists for a number of other Nations, as well as individuals.

     In our efforts to include all the information that the BIA deemed relevent to every record and a student's eligibility for admission to it's non-reservation schools, we include "blood quantum" as recorded.  It should be remembered that at the time these determinations were made, blood quantum was strictly a government criteria and not necessarily the criteria of the nation. However, there was some room for strategic choices on the part of native Americans to manipulate their blood quantums to better tailor themselves to Carlisle admission requirements.  (i.e., there are a number of cases of students whose initial enrollment gives full blood and whose re-enrollments state fractions).
     These brief biographies were compiled by Genevieve Bell and Barbara Landis. We welcome any additions, queries or comments.

Stockbridge (KEY: * = NARA records; ** = CCHS)

Wesley Aaron *
     Born:10/6/98. Listed as 3/4 Stockbridge. Father's name: Lawrence Aaron,(deceased); Mother's name: Mary (dec). Address given: c/o Wm. W. Butler, Gresham WI. Arrived CIIS:  10/15/1915;  Departed 1/14/18.  Other Info:  Ran away 1916. 2 brothers living at time of enrollment. In 1918 in Navy on USS Richmond.
Mary Beaulieu *
Listed as full blood.  Parents living; Father's name: Robert. Address: Green Bay.
Arrived CIIS: 5/16/01; Departed: 3/7/06  Age at arrival: 16 Other info: In 1910 in Gresham WI as housekeeper, 60 mos school before CIIS.
Fred W Brushel **
Samuel W Brushel **
Nina Butler *
1/4 S, Parents living: Father: Don. Mother: Arr CIIS 9/2/04; Departed 10/23/06 Age at arrival: 14 Other Info: prev at Haskell, 1911 living in Antigo WI,  Frank Furlott, Jr. and prev had travelled with Don C Hall's Theatre Group playing drum in ladies band.
Sadie Butler *
     1/2 S p living, father Jonah Clark arr 8/22/97 dep 3/23/98
     because already married, age 18 on arrival.
Chauncey C Charles **
Harry Charles *
     Stock/Muncee 1/2, parents deceased, Toledo Ind School, IA,
     orphan home in MINN prior arr 6/28/11 dep 9/5/16 (age 16 at
     arr) reinrolled 9/22/16 dep 1/4/18 dob 8/6/87 cause of
     departure accused of getting Daisy Braider pregnant from
     Bridgeville NJ, moved to Bridgeville and still there 1920,
     sister: Lucy; photo in Nat'l Archives
Ida Charles *
     Green Bay arr 2/22/85 dep 4/14/85...1910 in Indian Service
     somewhere in the south
Lloyd Charles *
     full blood Stockbridge, father: Timothy, mother: deceased, arr
     6/16/01 dep 9/16/06 age 15 at arrival , 50 mos prev school,
     entered grade 4 dep grade 7, Dec 1913 working in Gresham WI as
Lucy Charles *
     Chippewa/Stockbridge arr 11/2/10 dep 6/1/15 age 15 arr, 1915
     found her family in Redwood Falls, MN....letter..mentions
     father, cousin, many relatives who remember her as little girl
     4 years old. 1914 her grandmother Hanna Charles and father
     William Charles living in Redwood Falls, L marries George Jay
Martha Doxtater *
     parents deceased, guardian Edward Sprague from Green Bay WI,
     arr 4/9/88 dep 4/12/97 age 12 at arr; married Duinney in
     Greshem where living in 1913. He listed as common laborer.
Alice Gardner *
     3/4 Stockbridge; parents deceased, father Thomas mother
     Jeanette; c/o Agnes Butler in Gresham dob 1/31/98; arr
     10/27/15 dep 6/12/18 , 8 yrs prev schooling father deceased
     acc age 53; mother died septicemia; 1 bro and sister both
John Alfred Garrick *
Evaline Hammer *
     1/2 Stockbridge, parents living, father Rufe, arr 8/22/97 dep
     1/9/02, cause for depart undesirable, arr age 18, 90 mos prev
     schooling began gr 4 dep gr 10.  As of 1909 living in Gresham
     working for a private family. Owned her own home on rez and
     divorced husband named Elm.
Emily Hardt *
     1/4 Stockbridge, parents living, fath John from Kirkwood WI,
     arr 7/2/97 dep 7/26/99 at parents' request ...14 on arr, 1912-
     living in Fond du Lac, WI, married Charles Everett Floyd,
     4/6/04 m. 4 children, 1st child died, girl 5 boy 3 baby girl
     3 mos, brother named Gustav died 1907. Girl born 11/1912. 
     1914 living Milwaukee.
Gustav Hardt *
     1/2 Stockbridge, arr 7/2/97 dep 7/26/99 at parent's request,
     age 12 arr.  Died 1907 of typhoid fever.
Milford Henderson *
     1/4 Stockbridge, parents Jacob,  mother Alice Mowinsquaw 3/4
     S, listed living in Salt Lake City, UT. dob 3/29/99, arr
     11/9/13 dep 9/18/14 at mother's request, age 14 at arr, no
Adam Johnson *
     1/2 Stockbridge, parents living father James, arr 8/22/97 dep
     7/4/02, bad conduct, age 16 at arr, 60 mos prev school, photo
     at Archives, grade 6 arr dep gr 9, trained as printer at
     Carlisle, 1911 married Caledonia Dolphus from New Orleans, LA. 
     1911 living Evanstown IL where owns his own home.  Played
Emma Johnson *
     sister to Adam, 1/2 Stockbridge, arr 8/22/97 dep 2/8/01,
     mother deceased, sent home for being incorrigible, arr age 14,
     1905 married to charles A Lonas, living in Louisville, KY.
James E. Johnson *
     full blood Stockbridge, father James, Gresham WI, arr 11/18/97
     dep 7/02/01, graduated, age at arrival 19, 42 mos prev school
     grade 6, grad 1901, went to Dickinson Coll. re-enrolled
     9/15/01 - 6/01/04 at age 26 reenrolled. brother to Emma and
Benjamin Jourdan *
     full blood, father Nicholas, arr 9/9/89 dep 4/29/91 having run
     away on 4/15/91. Ent gr 4, dep gr 4.  1910 working as laborer
     in Gresham WI. sister Lucy.
Lucy Jourdan *
     arr 9/13/84 dep 6/14/87, 17 on arr, 1912 in gresham WI as
Aubrey King *
     1/8 Stockbridge, father E.A. King, moth decd, arr 8/22/96 dep
     12/7/97 having run away.  16 on arr, died prior to 1912.
Inez King *
     1/8 Stockbridge, arr 8/22/97 dep 2/11/02, grad 1902, sis to
     Aubrey, age 15 on arr w/50 mos prev school, put in grade 5,
     1907 married Charles Wheeler of Barrington MI. 1911 living in
     Gresham WI.
Lida Konkapot *
     1/2 Stockbridge, moth deceased, father Robert, arr 12/11/91
     dep 7/1/97, age 11 on arr, 1911 was married to Pearl Gardner
     also Stockbridge.., living Gresham, owns house, 5 child, 3
     girls 2 boys, one boy and 2 girls in Lutheran boarding school
     on rez.  1912...she has 6 kids, 2 girls at Wittenburg School,
     WI and 2 at mission school in Red Springs, WI.
John Leroy **
Louis Leroy *
     full blood, fath Frank from Gresham West, WI, arr 3/30/99 dep
     11/22/99 ... ran away.  Age 19 at arr. Reenrolled 1/25/00 dep
     6/9/00...ran away again.  Reenrolled 1/13/01 dep 12/01/01 at
     age 21, 5'9" and 160 lbs. gr 8 left gr 9, training to be
     blacksmith, 1910 living in Gresham playing baseball with a St.
     Paul baseball team.  Sister..Lucinda.
Lucinda Leroy *
     1/2 Stockbridge. father Frank, both parents living, arr
     1/12/01 dep 9/4/06.  age 17 arr w/50 mos prev school grade 3. 
     by 1913 already married to Peter Tebeau and living in Neo Pit,
Theresa Lee *
     1/4 Stockbridge, dob 9/12/95, fath William Lee, white and
     living, mother Bertha Lee, 1/2 Stockbridge living in Evanston
     IL, arr 8/31/09 dep 6/30/11 sent home at departmental request,
     3 yrs prev school at evanston, 2 living sisters, 4 deceased
     brothers, 1911 living in Evanston IL, going to school and on
     the track team.  Plays piano.
Fred Leicher *
     1/4 Stockbridge, father Herman (German) mother Martha nee
     Gibson or Gilson, 1/2 S, dob 11/24/93. arr 3/2/10 dep 6/21/11. 
     Graduated class of 1911, 108 mos prev schooling in WI.  At
     enrollment one living sister. 1911 living in Gresham WI. 
Frank Leroy *
     1/2 Stockbridge, father Frank from Red Springs WI, father
     white mother Susan arr 8/25/02 dep 1/30/08 ran away twice
     (1906 & 1907), in Tomah school and arr 4th gr Carlisle and dep
     6th Grade. 1910 was married to Dolla Butler who was 18 yrs old
     and Stockbridge, living in Neo Pit WI working as common
     laborer, playing baseball every summer, Dec 1913 still in Neo
     Pit and driving on river.
John Leroy *
     3/4 Stockbridge, dob 3/14/97, arr 10/15/15 dep 5/13/18 due to
     death of brother killed on the river.  Attended Tomah School
     1911-1915, Wittenburg.  1915 father was 67, mother 51, 3
     living bros age 36,38 and 20 and 3 sisters ages 32,16, and 14.
Lizzie Martin *
     1/2 Stockbridge, from Keshena Green Bay, fath decd mother  living arr 8/22/97 dep 6/30/03. arr age 17 w/40 mons prev  School ent gr 5, dep gr 9.  1910 living in Gresham WI married  to William Hare, housekeeping owned land.  [Note - Correction: WILLIAM SANFORD WARE, according to great-granddaughter, Deborah L. (Brown) Anderson. Thank you, Deborah, May 13, 2010]
Abram Miller *
     fullblood, dob 8/23/85, father: Lucius, mother: Emma, arr
     5/16/01 dep 4/27/06, 30 mos prev school, ent gr 5, dep gr 7..
     job was as tinner, 3 brothers 2 sisters at enrollment.
     reenrolls 11/4/07 dep 9/30/10, reenrolled at age 22.  Tried to
     run away 1909.
Artie Miller *
     fullblood, father Zachariah, mother decd, arr 12/11/91 dep
     3/21/00, graduated class 1900. 1910 living Gresham WI, working
     in saw mill and playing ball. Living w/parents. 1913 still in
Bertram (Bertie) Miller *
     3/4 Stockbridge, father Alfred from Red Springs, WI, mother Sarah, arr 8/25/05 dep 9/30/10, ran away 1907, age 17 at school, arr gr 6 dep gr 8.  May have played baseball for Hershey Chocolate Factory in summer 1909.  Left Carlisle to play pro baseball. 1911 living in WI, has farm, plays baseball. 1916 still in Gresham, playing baseball working as lumberjack, wants to go work in Ford Factory, but Ford too crowded.
Florence Miller **
John M Miller **
Katie Miller **
Mary Miller **
MG MIller **
Olive Miller *
     1/2 Stockbridge, father Alfred Miller, arr 12/11/91 dep 7/6/97
     graduated in that class.  Arr age 14, 1909 living in Gresham
     WI, 6 children owns house, farm and animals.  Married 1897 to
     Lyman Jacobs, also Stockbridge.  1914 still in Gresham.
Orpha J. Miller *
     Stockbridge, father Albert, mother decd, arr 4/9/88 dep
     7/22/92 with ill health, arr age 17.  1911 living in Neo Pit,
     WI, married to Charles Beaulein 1/2 breed, husband works for
     govt mill, one son age 16 named Robert, who went to Wittenburg
     Ind School, 2 girls age 13 and 11 both at Wittenburg.
Peter Miller *
     Fullblood, father Edwin, moth living no name, arr 5/16/01 dep
     9/16/02 at mother's request.  Age 18 at arr ent gr 4, left gr
     6 and working in stables at dep. 1910 living in Gresham.
Samuel Miller *
     Artie's bro, fullblood, Fath Zacariah, arr 12/11/91 dep 7/3/97
     age 12 at arr.  At age 18 reenrolled 8/26/99 dep 2/10/02 grad
     in class of '02.  1912 living in Gresham WI working as
     travelling lecturer and as Indian teacher.  1907 listed as
     married to Ordie Abrams w/occupation as lumberer and musician.
     Just began teaching Stockbridge Ind School, one 2 yr old boy.
     Worked in printing office for Marianne Burgess.
Tracy Miller *
     fullblood, father Lucius, arr 5/16/01 dep 9/16/06 age 12 at
     arr, 1910 workign as laborer in Gresham WI.
Flora Moon *
     fullblood, mother deceased, father James, arr 5/16/01 age 14.
     50 mons prev school. arr gr 5 dep gr 8.  1911 living in
     Oshkosh WI married to Edward Bostwick, engineer.  2 children.
     1914 still in oshkosh.
Gladys Moon *
     sister to Flora, 1/4 Stockbridge, father James (1/2S and
     deceased) mother Phoebe (1/2 S and deceased) guardian Martha
     Gibson, dob 9/14/95, arr 10/10/14 at age 19.  Had five yrs
     prev school.
Sylvia Moon *
     1/4 Stockbridge, fath Jeremiah, 1/2 S, mother Mary (white) dob
     9/23/94 arr Carlisle 9/27/10 dep 1/14/14.  Grad class 1913 but
     expelled for unsatisfactory conduct. 72 mos prev schooling ent
     8th gr.  1914 listed in Milwaukee.  Nat'l Archives has love
     letters ?
William Moon *
     fullblood, father James living, moth deceased, arr 5/16/01 dep
     6/28/06.  arr age 13, 60 mos prev school. ent gr 4 dep gr 9
     trained in farming and poultry.  1910 living oshkosh, married
     to Cherokee Indian, working in cement.  1913 living in Lavalle
     Wi as farm laborer.
Alfred Morgan *
     fullblood, father John Morgan (1/2S) mother Martha Gibson (1/4
     S), dob 11/27/98, arr 10/10/14 dep 9/7/15.  Ran away.  one bro
     one sis living. Also at Tomah school. Reenrolled 10/2/15 dep
     11/19/15. Sent home for being undesirable.  Stole a pair of
     trousers and ran away and when caught was suffering from
     pneumonia because of lack of food.
Herman Niles (Miles) *
     1/2 Stockbridge, father H. A. Miles, mother lving, arr 1/6/97
     dep 9/4/01 grad class of 1901. arr age 17 w/60 mos prev
     school.  1907 lived in Chilton WI, unmarried farming and
     tailoring.  1917 joined army and stationed in Waco TX.
Simon Palmer *
     1/2 Stockbridge, father Nicholas (decd), mother living, arr
     1/6/97 dep 7/2/01 having grad class 1901.  age 17 on arr w/70
     mos prev schooling.
Bessie Peters **
Myrtle Peters **
Nellie H. Peters *
     Fullblood, father Sterling, mother living, arr 8/26/99 dep
     3/20/01 grad class 1901. arr age 20. 1907 working in Red
     Springs WI sewing. Died 1/23/09.
Philip Tonsey [Tousey] *
     1/2 Stockbridge, father decd, mother living.  arr 8/22/97 dep
     7/2/02.  age 17 on arr w/60 mos prev school.  ent gr 2 dep gr
     7.  trained as tailor.  Married Adelia Abrams living in
     Gresham WI 1909..  Was musician.
Edgar Watson *
     1/8 Stockbridge, father Martin, mother Mary, living in
     Belvedere IL, arr 10/11/05 sent home 10/16/05 cause of
     dep:"Negro".  age 18 on arrival.
George H. Welch *
     1/2 Stockbridge, father Norman, mother living, arr 10/20/97
dep 4/21/00 grad class of 1900. age 13 on arr. 1909 was living in Green Bay WI, married to a French girl, attending Green Bay Bus. School.  Feb 1909 wife had delivered a baby girl who had just died.
Helen Welch *
     1/4 Stockbridge, father Noah Welch, mother Cornelia, both from Brotherton, both dec'd.  C/O sister, Mrs. Blanche Moore of Chicago.  dob 1/6/88.  arr 9/1/08 no dep date given.  1913 working in Wilmett IL as domestic help.  reenrolled 2/3/13 dep 6/6/17 because she is not "Indian" enough.  Age 25 at reenrollment.
Charles W Williams **
Welch Wesson **


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