Lonesome and Broken Hearted.

One of our large girls woh was quite anxious to return to her home at the expiration of her school period last month, now writes the followign letter:
   "I dont' like to stay hwere in this country at all. Do you think we could go back? Whe nI tell our people about he ways of the East and the great differences between the East and the West, they make fun of me and say I feel big now, talking so. I tell them, "Yes, I feel proud of the Eastern people. I feel as if I had left my best home adn gone to a worse hojme. I feel lonesome and broken-hearted, and don't feela t home yet. I have seen my friends and parents but hbave not seen much pleasure toward us Carlisle children. They all talk about us."

JULY 1884 MORNING STAR, p. 4. Vol IV:no. 12.