Marriage of William Packer, Cheyenne Indian, and Kate Flying Bird, Cheyenne Indian.
Marriage took place on Jan. 12, 1906, married by George Korteling of Clinton, Oklahoma.
License issued by Probate Court of Custer Co., Okla.
Witnesses: Little Wolf and Mrs. George Korteling.
William Packer/Blind Bear, 26 years old, no relationship to wife, full blood Cheyenne, father was Packer, Cheyenne Indian and mother was South, Cheyenne Indian. No previous marriage.
Kate Flying Bird/Buffalo Plain, 19 years old, no relationship to husband, full blood Cheyenne, father was Flying Bird, Cheyenne Indian, and mother was Was-tin, Cheyenne Indian. No previous marriage.
Williams father, Packer, was a Cheyenne scout in 1888 at Seger Indian Agency.

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White Tail/Brinton Packer, male, born 1886, husb.; Man Standing/Clara Packer, female, born
1887, wife; Cyrus Packer, son, born 1922. (This Packer family not related to the Arapaho named
Packer, the POW. This Packer Family (Cheyennes) was married in the Gladys Bear Tusk Barton
family by way of her mother who was Anna Packer and later married a man named Powder Face.
Gladys Bear Tusk Barton was the gt. aunt of John Sipes)

Census of the Cheyenne Indians of the C&A Agency, Seger Agency taken on June 30, 1927,  by L.S.Bonnin, Superintendent.
John Sipes Cheyenne Collection. 2003

Memorandum Concerning Educational Conditions At Cheyenne and Arapaho School.
December 4, 1930.
In the position of cook Mrs. Bessie Curley, who was employed, resigned. Her resignation has been accepted. I have employed temporarily, Mrs. Ella Packer, who is one-half Sioux; married to Harry Packer, a full blood Arapaho, of this reservation. Mr. Packer is one of our laborers at this school.
(This Packer, who is Arapaho, is descendant of the POW Packer who is not the Cheyenne by the same name of Packer.)

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