Cheyenne Beef Issue Bands (No Date) At Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency.
 Band No. 6, Buffalo Meat, 32 Persons;  Band No. 20, Medicine Water, 36 Persons; Band No. 43, Left Hand, 37 Persons; Band No. 45, Little Medicine, 30 Persons; Band No. 51, Prairie Chief, Son of Grey Beard, 36 Persons; Band No. 53, Little Chief, 23 Persons; Band No. 23, Antelope, 30 Persons.

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No-wa-hy aka Cora Prairie Chief had allotment that is now part of present- day Clinton, Oklahoma, town site. This allotment with three other Cheyenne allotments when Clinton was formed were illegally taken by land grafters. Cora is daughter of Prairie Chief ( Suhtiao), who is son of Grey Beard, a POW shot in the back after he jumped from the train in Houston, Florida, while in chains and shackles as the POWs were being transported to Ft. Marion for prison.

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Mcpherson Prairie Chief/Undershirt, 22, full blood, Chey. husb., married Indian custom, father Old Crow and mother Down Woman. Night Walker, 20, full blood, Chey., wife, father All Tucker, dead, and mother Big Face. Emma Prairie Chief, 1, father Mcpherson and mother Night Walker.

 Prairie Chief,46, full blood, husb., married by Indian custom, father Gray Beard, dead mother Old Standing Woman dead. White Buffalo woman,45, full blood, Chey., wife, father Tail Feather,dead, mother not shown. No-wa-hy/Cora, 16; Wo-es-ha/Good Woman,12; Hailman,4, parents are Prairie Chief and White Buffalo Woman. (Gray beard was POW and killed by the military guard when he junped off the train near Houston, Fla., 1874, and shot in the back while chained in shackles and trying to flee down the railroad tracks. Body left in Fla. and still there as of 2003.)

 1902 C&A Family Registar 
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Harry Flynn and Cora Prairie Chief/No-wa-hy parents of Alice Flynn, daug. born 10-30-1916, Cheyennes. ( Cora is grand-daug. of Gray Beard, Ft. Marion POW and her father is Prairie Chief, son of Gray Beard)

Alice Prairie Chief,6,female,died 5-20-1910, next of kin, McPherson Prairie Chief,father.

Light Woman,2,female,died 4-9-1912, next of kin ,parents McPherson Prairie Chief and Night Walker.

David Red Shin,23,male,died 12-31-1908, next of kin, Cora Prairie Chief/No-wa-hy, wife.

Nancy J. Flynn,35 days old,female,died 4-30-1914; Howard Gray Flynn,27 days old,male,died 4-22-1914. These two children were twins and the parents were Howling Beaver and Cora Prairie Chief/No-wa-hy.

Prairie Chief,64,male,died 4-10-1917. (Sipes Ft. Marion POW Files state that Prairie Chief was son of Gray Beard, POW, killed by soldiers by being shot in the back enroute to Florida.)

Births and Deaths of C&As (no name of vol. pages only shown)
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Colony Courier, March 18, 1915.
Prairie Chief, White Buffalo Woman, Buffalo Thigh, Diana White Man and Cora Prairie Chief Flynn all from Clinton came down to see Mrs. Frank Hamilton before she left for a hospital in Texas to be examined by a physician and have a operation if it is necessary.
Prairie Chief and his wife, White Buffalo Woman gave their daughter Mrs. Frank Hamilton $70.00 to help pay her expences to the hospital down in Texas. White Buffalo Woman Reynolds, Mrs. Hamiltons aunt, is also going to help her pay her expences. All her relatives are going to help her.

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Clinton Chronicle, April 30, 1914.
July 31st. 1913.
Indians returning from Cantonment Willow Dance (Sun Dance).
Those who denied themselves the pleasure to tend crops:
Mack Prairie Chief, Standing Bird, Perry Reynolds, Sidney Sioux, Harvey White Turtle, Little Man, Sioux Little Calf, John Wilson, Red Bird, Howling Crane, and Old Man Stone Road.
Ed Hadley, Indian Policeman at Colony, on vacation. Standing Bird sold 43 dozen roasting ears last week.
Darwin Hayes wife had a baby.

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Colony Courier, June 3, 1915.

Watan is batching, Big Face, his wife, is at McPherson Prairie Chiefs. They are looking for a New Comer at McPherson Prairie Chiefs family soon.

Colony Courier, Mar. 11, 1915.

Word comes from Clinton Cheyennes and Arapahoes that a delegation will start for Washington on the 5th of March. Prairie Chief, Cloud Chief, Long Neck and Little Wolf of Clinton Cheyennes are among delegates.

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Colony Courier, June 8, 1916. Teepee Topics.

John Prairie Chief and Edward Runner ran away from Seger School a few days ago. John lives at Clinton and Edward at Thomas when they are at home. McPherson Prairie Chief is out hunting them. John is son of McPherson and Edward son of Jacob Runner of Thomas.

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McPherson Prairie Chief, 26, and Night Walker, 24, had daug. born Feb. 17, 1906, named Nellie Prairie Chief.

Daniel Red Shin and No-ah-hy/Cora Prairie Chief had daug. born 4-2-1906, named Blanche Red Shin/Standing Twenty.

McPherson Prairie Chief and Night walker had a baby (still birth) on 5-10-1919.

John Prairie Chief and Happy Calf had a son born 6-3-1920, named Frank Prairie Chief.

Births From Undated Pages Found In 1902 C&A Family Registar (Cheyennes)
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No-wa-hy/Cora Prairie Chief, female, born 1886, mother; (husb. was Carl Red Shin, born 1908 and died Sept. 28, 1926); Dennis Flynn, son, born 1912; Minnie Flynn, dau., born 1915; Alice Flynn, dau., born 1916; Robert Flynn, son, born 1921. (Cora/No-wa-hy father was Prairie Chief, son of Gray Beard, Ft. Marion POW.)

Census of the Cheyenne Indians of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency. Seger Agency on June 30, 1927, taken by L.S. Bonnin, Superintendent.
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Hailman Prairie Chief, male, born 1898, husb.; Flossie Lone Elk, female, born 1904,wife.
John Prairie Chief, male, born 1901, husb.; Happy Calf, female, born 1904, wife; Frank Prairie
Chief, son, born 1920; Peter Prairie Chief, son, born 1922; George Prairie Chief, son, born
Undershirt/Mcpherson Prairie Chief, male, born 1881, husb.; Night Walker, female, born 1883,
wife; Dan Prairie Chief, son, born 1915.
White Buffalo Prairie Chief, female, born 1857.

Census of the Cheyenne Indians of the C&A Agency, Seger Agency taken on June 30, 1927,  by L.S.Bonnin, Superintendent.
John Sipes Cheyenne Collection. 2003

Arvil Prairie Chief (female), her Cheyenne name is Bear Woman or Nah-ka-et after Jennie Washa Flying Out, and Phillip Prairie Chief (male), his Cheyenne name is Red Paint or Ma-eh-dum.
Mother is Imogene Black Bear (great-great grand daug. of Henry Roman Nose, POW).
Father is George Prairie Chief, Jr. His father and mother are George Prairie Chief, Sr. (great grandson of Grey Beard) and mother is Glodie Washa ( extended family of Old Bull Bear) and her mother was Jennie Washa Flying Out.
George Prairie Chief, Sr., also went by the name Eagle Heart and Old Crow.
George's mother was named Happy Calf.
George Prairie Chief, Sr., sister named Janice Old Crow/Prairie Chief married Roger Reynolds who was the son of Frank Reynolds and Susie Standing Bird Reynolds.
Susie Standing Bird Reynolds is grand daugh. of Medicine Water amd Mochi. POWs.

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