st. of Louis Round Stone, Probate Case, Lame Deer, Montana.
His first wife was married to Frost or Frog (?). She had a son named Robert Burns, in Okla., and a Chief Clerk at the Indian Agency. Her second husband was Packs the Badger, a Sioux. Her 3rd husband was Two Moons and no children out of this marriage.
4th husband of Frost or Frog was Braided Locks, and had no issue.
First wife lived with Louis rest of life.
2nd wife Maracoosa (not long apparently) 1 child. Maracoosa was first married to Bob Tail Horse before Louis and they had one child named Thaddeus Red Water.
3rd wife was Burns Woman, she was first married to Crazy Head, then to Hides Cloud, no child, then married Round Stone and seperated from him.
Round Stone and Sharp Nose daug. named Sarah Waters and over 40 years old says her father married 7 times. (1) Sharp Nose; (2) Maracoosa; (3) Burns Woman; (4) Sally Stands Out; (5) Mary Looks Around; (6) Carrie Bearclaw; (7) Mrs. White Bird. Married 53 years ago to Sharp Nose. Their oldest child 2 years old at the time of the Custer fight in 1876. Lived with Sharp Nose until death.

Text Copyright (c) 2004 John Sipes Collection. Univ. of Neb., Love Lib., Archives and Special Collections, Marie Sandoz Coll., Lame Deer Agency, Montana.