Clinton Chronicle, April 30, 1914.
April 23rd. 1914.
Letter from John Seger "About Indians".
John Wilson has some fine alfalfa coming up. Stone Calfs not up. Perry Reynolds and sons Philip and Thomas have 1 acre of potatoes, 2 bushel of onion sets, 2 acres of early corn, 15 acres of field corn.
Little Man, Standing Bird, and Wade Black Owl have their corn planted. Stone Calf is planting corn. Little Man and Stone Calf have trimmed their peach trees.

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Frank Charles Reynolds, male, born 1893, husb.; Susie Reynolds, female, born 1896, wife; Clara
Lucy Reynolds, dau., born 1917; Alva Jacob Reynolds, son, born 1926. (Susie Reynolds is dau. of
Standing Bird and Measure Woman Standing Bird)

Census of the Cheyenne Indians of the C&A Agency, Seger Agency taken on June 30, 1927,  by L.S.Bonnin, Superintendent.
John Sipes Cheyenne Collection. 2003

The Cheyenne And Arapaho Messenger. Published Monthly by the Workers Conference of the missionaries in Oklahoma of the General Conference of Mennonites of North America

Vol. 1, Feb. 1930, No. 2.
Big Man passed away on Jan. 25. He had been blind for some time and he had been staying with his brother White Thunder.
On Jan. 29th. a boy born to Dudley or Edward and Jane White Thunder.
At a recent meeting of the Clinton Farm Chapter Peter Bird Chief, Sr., and Flynn Goose were elected master farmers for 1929.
Cantonment and Vicinity.
Martha Bear Head is visiting with her sister Mrs. Leah Antelope near Watonga.
Clinton and Hammon.
Frank and Susie Reynolds have moved into their new house west of Clinton.
William Packers (Cheyennes), Clinton, have remodeled their house and built a new barn.
Leonard and Ruth Bear Shield have moved back from kingfisher.

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