Harrit Riggs,male,died 2-9-1910, next of kin, Stacy Riggs, father.

Births and Deaths of C&As (no name of vol. pages only shown)
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Colony Courier, Nov. 17, 1910

Mr. Ben Keith of El Reno came in Fri. to look after his little boy Robert who is under the temporary care of Mrs. Stacy Riggs.

A beautiful line of Indian relics and beads at Stacy Riggs.

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Stacy Riggs and Ella Riggs had daug. born Nov. 17, 1905, named Amelia.

Stacy Riggs and Ella Riggs had a daug. born 8-19-1908, named Daisy Riggs.

Births From Undated Pages Found In 1902 C&A Family Registar (Cheyennes)
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7350/1907, Seger File, #127, Walter Roe,Supt. of Okla. Missions, Reformed Church of America to C.F. Larnabee. Comm. of Ind. Affairs, Aug. 30,1907.
Recommends 34 Indians to lease and handle their own property. John Washee, Cleaver Warden, Hartley Ridge Bear, Wm. Little Chief, Alfrich Heap of Birds, Stacy Riggs, Watan, and Kias, (Note: Kias or Short Nose was father- in- law of Ed Burns. Ed was son of Robert Burns.) (Sipes Field Notes), were among the 34.

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Note: As late as 1926 patents in fee simple were being denied because of lack of education and general business abilities.
Many of the applicants were unable to speak or write English. Where land could be disposed of under supervision it was recommended the land be sold by the Agent and Commisioner of Indian Affairs.
Most of the land belonged to the elderly, orphans and those Indians considered incompetent by the arbitrary decision of both the Agent and Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Dept. of the Interior, Supt. Shell, Darlington, to Supt. H.J. Bibb, Colony, July 26, 1909.
Stacy Riggs patent ready for delivery. His Cheyenne Indian name is Mo-e-ky.

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Seger Indian Agency
Colony, Oklahoma
June 13, 1922
Agents Reports File, Cheyenne & Arapaho Agency
 Stacy Riggs, allotment #147, age 60, full blood Cheyenne, wife and four children.
Date of Survey: May 5, 1922.
This Indian resides about eight miles southeast of Clinton, Oklahoma, near the Washita River. He has four children, two of whom are attending non-reservation schools.
He has a four room house with porches, cistern, good barn 20X 30 ft., wagon, plow, lister, disc, four horses and one colt, and six chickens. He has eight acres of alfalfa and 25 acres planted to corn and kafir corn.
One of his children was found to have impetigo and was treated by the Agency Physician.

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Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Concho, Okla., Sept. 9, 1925. Students who have not retuned back to Chilocco Indian School.
George Balenti, parent William Balenti, Geary, Okla.; Mable Hawkins and Nellie Hawkins, parent Mrs. Katie Z. Hawkins, Geary, Okla.; Margaret Riggs, parent Stacy Riggs, Clinton, Okla.; Dulce and Lillian White Bird, parent Dawes White Bird, Watonga, Okla.

Sipes/Berthrong Collection., School Files, No. 12,  John Sipes copyright (c) 2003

Many Magpies/Clyde Standing Bull, male, born 1896, husb.; Minnie Riggs, female, born 1904, wife; Lawrence Standing Bull, son, died 1/13/27; George Standing Bull, son, born 1923.

Census of the Cheyenne Indians of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency. Seger Agency on June 30, 1927, taken by L.S. Bonnin, Superintendent. Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipes  2004

Edward Nelson Riggs, male, born 1897, husb.; Mamie Bear Bow, female, born 1898, wife; Dorthory
June Old Man, female, born 1922, step-dau.

Red Hat/Stacy Riggs, male, born 1862, husb.; Ella Riggs, female, born 1882, wife; Francis
Riggs, son, born 1912; Benjamin Riggs, son, born 1914.
Amelia Riggs, female, born 1905.
Horace Howard Riggs, male, born 1901.

Census of the Cheyenne Indians of the C&A Agency, Seger Agency taken on June 30, 1927,  by L.S.Bonnin, Superintendent.
John Sipes Cheyenne Collection. 2003

The Cheyenne And Arapaho Messenger. Published Monthly by the Workers Conference of the missionaries in Oklahoma of the General Conference of Mennonites of North America

Vol. 1, May 1930, No. 5.
Jesse, the four months old baby boy of Amiel and Margeret Curtis passed away April 6. He was with his grand parents Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Riggs, Clinton,  while his mother was in the Clinton hospital.

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Arapahoe Bee, May 14, 1939.
Mrs. Black Wolf, who died at the age of 80 on her allotment near Clinton was one of the few who escaped the massacre on the Washita River near the town of Cheyenne in Roger Mills County in 1868.
........Another Indian who escaped was Stacy Riggs, well known in Custer and ajoining counties. Stacy was 12 years old at the time of the Washita massacre he relates.

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