Soaring Eagle.  O-uh-oh.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW
Went to Hampton: 1Ma-ahchis, age 31 Apr 1878.  Jun 1879 Removal to Carlisle
Minor Artist. Jun-Oct farming in Lee Mass.  Oct 1879 to rez.  Died 1886.
Soaring Eagle 
   Coon/Racoon married five times: 
        wife, Eating Around, had son Bear Shield, died before allots. while small; 
        wife, Standing Inside, had son Buzzard; 
        wife Shield Woman, had son Flying Bird, died before allots. married, all children died without issue except Snake.
               Snake #2437, 74 yrs.old, died 11-3-1948.
                    Marriages: Small Back#767.
                    Children: Gertrude Snake, 23 yrs. old, died 1926.
                    Grandchildren: 2 small children by Ed Williams and Gertrude Snake, died long ago.
               Parents of Snake: Bear Shield/Flying Bird, died before allots., Cheyenne and 
                                          Digging Woman #2436, died 3-11-1908.
               Brothers and Sisters of Snake: Bark #2438, 20 yrs. old, parents Bear Shield/Flying Bird and Digging Woman, died 1898; Fannie Hawk #2439, 20 yrs. old, same parents, died 1899.

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