(36) Mo-wo-wo-hi-est/Spotted Elk; 2 men, 2 woman, 4 children, total 8; 
Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipe 2004 Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections. Fort Marion and Darlington Agency, Indian Territory Sections, File Numbers 42-56. Enrollment of Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribe of Indians at the Agency. (This census shows native name, English interpretation, number of men, women and children in the family with the total in family. Notation at end of this Cheyenne census states: "I certify on honor that the foregoing is a full correct and complete list of Cheyenne Indians - and those only - at the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, Indian Territory, who are entitled to subsistance. (S)" Jon D. Miles, U.S. Indian Agent, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Agency, I.T., March 1st, 1878.
Crooked Foot #2179, 71 years old, died 11-3-1921

Marriages: Spotted Elk, married 1874, died before allotments, Cheyenne; 
Star, married before allotments. 

Children: Standing Different, female, 1 year, father Star, prior deceased; Crooked Pipe, female, father Star, prior deceased; Locust/Perry Star, father 
Star, prior deceased.

Parents: Flat Head #1988 deceased; Twenty Woman #1961 deceased.
Brothers and Sisters: Crow Neck 1/2 bro. parents Flat Head and
Mourning Woman, died before allots.; Yellow Hawk 1/2 bro. parents Flat Head and Mourning Woman, living; Mouse Trail 1/2 bro. parents Flat head and
Mourning Woman; Sioux Woman whole blood, deceased; Bonhice 1/2 sister parents Flat Head and Mourning Woman, living; Yellow Eyes 1/2 sister parents Flat Head and Mourning Woman, living.

Children of Deceased Brothers and Sisters: Irene Crow Neck, father Crow Neck, living; Crooked Nose/Emma Star (Mrs. William Pawnee) parents
Star and Sioux Woman, living; Sioux Woman, sister of Crooked Foot, was plural wife of Star- their children were: Emma Star, living; Singing Walker, died
before Star; Annie Star, died before Star. 

Testimony of Star: "Spotted Elk was taken prisoner by the U.S. The
Cheyennes were on the war path, and they surrendered, and the U.S. took Spotted Elk prisoner and took him to Florida where he died. This was the same year they took me prisoner at the same time they took Spotted Elk, and I was a 
prisoner there for three years, and Spotted Elk died while we were there, and I got married right after I got back home- married by Indian custom." 

Text Copyright (c) 2003 Ruby Bushyhead C&A Family Heirship and Estate Testimonies.