Squint Eyes.  Quch-ke-i-mus.
Cheyenne Ft. Marion POW.
Went to Hampton: Tichkematse, Aged 30 at arrival Apr 1878.  Jun 1879 Removal to Carlisle
W.A.Jones, Commissioner, to James C. Clifford, U.S. Indian Agent, Tongue River Agency, Montana, Feb. 20th, 1902.
Reports five Cheyennes still at Res.
Stouch replied all allotted at C&A Agency but left before he assumed charge.
John Squint Eye married to Northern Cheyenne woman and makes home with her but informed some Indians he intends to return to his former home.
Bull Ribs (woman) and daughter of Sharp Nose Woman, married to a Northern cheyenne man and lives with him.
David Big Man married to Northern Cheyenne woman but returned to Cheyenne and Arapaho Res.
Sharp Nose Woman married to Round Stone a Northern Cheyenne and lives with him.
Grave Woman unmarried.
Stouch has no objections to them returning to the C&A Agency.
For the women it might be a hardship to have them returned.
Strike names from the Tongue River rolls.
Grave Woman has ponies and when the grass grows for forage she and Squint Eye might return. They do not intend to evoke a hardship.

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Chey. and Arap. Census, Seger Agency, Okla., by Homer J. Bibb, Supt., June 30th, 1908. No. 99 Shoe Boy or Oakum Broken Arm,18, male. 1/2 Brother to Squint Eye, Florida Prisoner. 

Florida Prisoners and Carlisle Students-(Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections, 2003) 

Shoeboy dies. He is half-bro. to Squint Eye, a POW at Ft. Marion. 
Colony Courier, Nov. 10, 1910. 

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Major Artist. In Florida, bird collector for Smithsonian. Was back at rez by early 1880, no mention of Carlisle in Peterson. 

Fear-Segal on Peterson's book

John Sipes email December, 2002: 

Squint Eyes - fascinated by all his life accomplishments after Ft. Marion. In 1985 - paper on the lost Cheyennes that old ones would talk about and in the course of several years of letter writing to old friend and elder in Lame Deer, Mt., once told that in the early 1920s Squint Eye and another Cheyenne fellow, also from Lame Deer, rode horse back from there to go to Canada to look for the lost Cheyennes. They got to the Canadian border and tired out so they returned to Lame Deer.  According to the elders this was the first time any Cheyennes attempted to 
go look for the lost Cheyennes after the 1900s. 

Squint Eye/John, 76 yrs.old, died 11-7-1932.
   Had three wives: 
      Hairy Face, died before allots., 3 children died small before allots.; 
      Nellie Sqiunt Eye, married 1891, was a Northern Cheyenne, 2 children died small before allots.
      Josie Whistling Elk, married 1929, was a Northern Cheyenne, died 1935, no children.
   Parents of John Squint Eye: Crooked Arm #867, Cheyenne and Crooked Nose Woman, died before allots., Cheyenne.

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