Seger Agency, Chey. And Arap., Report Dated June 5th, 1914. 

Heirs to estate of Running Wolf, No. 790, Cheyenne Indian--Mother (not named); Yellow Eagle, half brother; Sitting Together, half sister; Six, niece of deceased mother; Wolf Belly Woman,( grand-daug. named Francis Hawk, married Silas Whiteshield,son of Elizabeth Curious Horn Whiteshield and Herbert Whiteshield, Francis mother was Anna Otterby Hawk. Wolf belly Wolf was married to John Otterby.He was born 1864 in Colo. Wolf Belly Woman born 1855. Parents of Wolf Belly Woman were Old Whirlwind (father) and Walking Woman/Long Yellow Nose (mother), Both parents died before allotments. 

Bros. and Sisters of Wolf Belly Woman were- Two Hawks, Little Woman(Magpie) both parents of these were Old Whirlwind and Walking Woman, Kate Stalker and Duncan Jones, parents of these were Lean and Walking Woman. Records show that Walking Woman/Long Yellow Nose left Old Whirlwind; went north and married a Sioux man named Lean in which they had two children named above, who were allotted with the Cheyenne and Arapahoes, 

 J.Sipes Cheyenne Family Files.  copyright (c) 2003.

C&A Census, Seger Agency, by Fred E. Perkins, Supt., June 30th, 1924. No. 53 Big Sioux/ Duncan Jones, born 1869, male.

Florida Prisoners and Carlisle Students-(Sipes/Berthrong Cheyenne Collections, 2003)

Roll No. not shown clearly on document for---Elsie Davis, 18, at Carlisle. Julia Bent, 21, at Carlisle. Kate Stalker, 16, at Carlisle.

Sipes Corrected Dawes Roll, May 7, 1892. Text Copyright (c) John L. Sipes 2003.