Telling Something. Ta-a-way-te.
Comanche Ft. Marion POW.
From an email message to Barb Landis: 

Taawayite, Comanche.( Name may have been spelled otherways) I am  trying to gather info on Taawayite a student that attended Carlisle.  He was a Comanche captured in the west and imprisoned at Fort Marion in St Augustine Fl. Spent some time at Hampton Industrial school. Then moved on to Carlisle in 1881 arriving with Rev.Wicks.  He then left Carlisle in 1881 to go to Oklahoma. Would like to hear from anyone that can instruct me on where to obtain info on him. NOTE He used the name of Henry Pratt for awhile as he was fond of Capt 
Henry Pratt. Thank you 

Jane Merrill

Telling Something/ "henry pratt/ Taawayte 

        Henry Pratt Taawayite. Rg 1328 #592, rg 1327#592. CIIS ID #146. Commanche from OK. Arrived at CIIS 9/1/1880 for a term of 3 years, no age given. Left the school on 5/9/1881. He went home sick. As of 1/29/1911 he was living in Apache, OK. He was married, owned some land. Had been part of the Indian police at Ft Sill. 

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