This week came the sad news of the passing of a Carlisle Indian School relative:

Wellington Jimerson, descendant of Carlisle student, Josephine Printup.

"Wellington Jimerson passed away on January 22.
He had been fighting colon cancer for years and could
not fight any more .........................................
I'll share with you a remarkable happening at the
funeral yesterday. After the burial, everyone was
going back to the car and my granddaughter screamed
and pointed into the tree. There sat a bald eagle,
staring at the grandchildren. He took off and circled
the area for several minutes and was then joined by 2
hawks, which in itself was miraculous because hawks
are predators. The longhouse speaker who was there
said "They're his escort". Everyone is so relieved and
at peace because of what they witnessed yesterday."

-excerpted from a message from Carol Jimerson.

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