White Bear.  Huh-noh-uh-co-ah.
Arapaho Ft. Marion POW.

[there is a photo of Russell White Bear - but no indication that he is Cheyene]

Went to Hampton. Name: Wanakuoo, Age 30, Arrived April 1878, Removed to Carlisle June 1879
Hearing to determine heirs of Old Mrs. White Horse, Cheyenne, held at Cantonment, Okla., April 22, 1916.-- had three children, White Horse, Fat Bull, and White Bear- her husband Old White Horse dead at time of her death- Fat Bull is witness to this hearing and he is the only one alive of the children- his brothers White Horse and White Bear both died in the summer 18 years ago- her parents were White Crazy (father) and Grief (mother)- she left one brother living at the time of her death named Little Chief.

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WPA, Grant Foreman Vols., Agusta H. Custer, Interviewer, June, 24th, 1937, Interview with Minnie White Bear, Cheyenne Indian from Geary, Oklahoma, Pumpkin Station Rd., Rt. 3. Page 323.
"My mother was part Sioux and part- French and my father was a Cheyenne Indian. Mothers name was Sioux Woman and Fathers name was Short Teeth. I went to school at Darlington and learned to speak English both at home and at school. Then when I married I learned to speak the Arapaho language. My husbands name
is Bird White Bear and he is an Arapaho Indian."

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