C&A Carlisle School File, (There is no date on this note)
Entitled to return home: Lydia Big Nose; Jessie Spreadhands; Myra Cedergrove; Clarence Warden. These are anxious to remain longer. Casper Edson; Wm. Fletcher; Arnold Woolworth; Carl Matches; Kias Williams; and Ernie Black also wish to return. Sarah Sitting Bull and Elkanah Dawson (Cheyenne)- father at Pine Ridge.

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(Berthrong Cheyenne Collection. Carlisle School Section.)

U.S. Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pa., June 13, 1885.
D.B. Dyer, U.S. Indian Agent, C&A Agency, Indian Territory.
Dear Sir,
The following students from your agency are entitled to return to their homes on account of expiration of the period for which they came: Lydia Big Nose, Jesse Spread Hands, Myra Cedar Grove & Cleaver Warden. These four are anxious to remain longer at the school, and it is my judgement they should. They are in good health and making satisfactory progress --- Casper Edson and Wm. Fletcher desire to return and come back in the fall. I should favor their doing so. Steve Williams says he wishes to return and help Mr. Vogt in the mission. Arnold Woolworth, Carl Matches, Kias Williams and Ernie Black wish to return and remain. They hope to get something to do. As Steve, Arnold and Kias are full grown men they can very properly take charge of their own future. Carl Matches and Ernie Black are still under age and might properly be held to school longer. Sarah Sitting Bull is reported by the school physician as having Scrofula and constitutional debility indicating that she had better be returned.
I would be very glad to have your views in regard to these students as early as practicable. Those that return will be started from here after the 1st.
Elkanah Dawson, Cheyenne, who came to us from your agancy, is also entitled to be returned: but his father is at Pine Ridge Agency and I will send him there.
In regard to Clarence Powder Face, I enclose letter from Dr. Given, which speaks for itself. I do not seem to have any grounds to ask for his return.
Very truly yours, /S/ R.H. Pratt, Capt. and Supt.
The money is placed to Clarences credit and subject to Powder Face order.
I mailed you a photo of your party taken last fall at Gettsburg.
O.G. Given to R.H. Pratt, June 13, 1885,
School Physician
Clarence Powder Face was "saturated with malaria" when he arrived at Carlisle Barracks, free of disease this year.
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   Kias Williams, Cheyenne, has been going to Haskell since he left Carlisle two years ago after a five years' course here. He worked at the harness trade here but is now at tailoring. Immediately after going home to Cheyenne Agency he did nothing special but visit around and fell in with whiskely associates. He has ten ponies and eighteen head of cattle, and owns a house of his own. He did not put on Indian dress. He attended the Presbyterian church.

June 1890 RED MAN, p. 3.

From a trip to the Indian Territory, we gather some interesting news about a number of our returned students. Benajah Miles and Casper Edson are government school farmers. Jesse Bent, Cleaver Warden and Grant Left Hand are clerking in the stores. Robert Brown and Kish Hawkins are clerking in Agent's Office. Luke Bear Shield is school clerk and interpreter at Darlington. Julia Bent is teaching at the Cheyenne agency school. John Williams is Register of Wills of one of the counties with a salary If $1,000 a year. William Fletcher is also a Register of Wills and hay the best cornfield in that vicinity. Oscar Bull Bear, is Assistant Government Farmer at, Seger, Okla. Leonard Tyler is Assistant Farmer at Cheyenne School. Jennie Black Tyler, his wife is assistant laundress at the same school. Mary North Tassie has a Cheyenne husband, is living on a good farm, is a good housekeeper, and exerts a good influence. At the Pawnee Agency, Stacy Matlack and William Morgan are district government farmers. Rose Howell is assistant matron at Otoe school. Louie Bayhylle is on the police force. Robert Matthews has resigned his position as school farmer and expects to come east on his own work. Frank West is married. Paul Boynton is filling some county office. Henry North has resigned his position as clerk in Agent's Office. The three last are working on their claims. Maud Chief Killer is married to Colonel Horn and they are working at the Cheyenne school. All the returned students are doing well.
August 11, 1893 INDIAN HELPER
7350/1907, Seger File, #127, Walter Roe,Supt. of Okla. Missions, Reformed Church of America to C.F. Larnabee. Comm. of Ind. Affairs, Aug. 30,1907.
Recommends 34 Indians to lease and handle their own property. John Washee, Cleaver Warden, Hartley Ridge Bear, Wm. Little Chief, Alfrich Heap of Birds, Stacy Riggs, Watan, and Kias, (Note: Kias or Short Nose was father- in- law of Ed Burns. Ed was son of Robert Burns.) (Sipes Field Notes), were among the 34.

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Note: As late as 1926 patents in fee simple were being denied because of lack of education and general business abilities.
Many of the applicants were unable to speak or write English. Where land could be disposed of under supervision it was recommended the land be sold by the Agent and Commisioner of Indian Affairs.
Most of the land belonged to the elderly, orphans and those Indians considered incompetent by the arbitrary decision of both the Agent and Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Indian Service, Jan. 20, 1909, Thomas Otterby, Addt. Farmer at Bridgeport to Chas. E. Shell, Supt., Darlington.
N/W 1/4-24-14-13, allotted to Kias Williams, Decd. and his heirs are Belle Balenti 1/3 interest; Shaking Herself 1/3 interest; Charging Bear 1/12 interest; Fred Siouxman (Fatty Eyes) 1/12 interest; Small Eyes 1/12 interest; Bob-Tail Coyote 1/12 interest. 

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Cheyenne and Arapaho Delegation regarding Black Hills Claims.
Herman Williams, 3 yrs. old, died 1/16/1918, Father Ed Williams and mother Eating Bull.

Births and Deaths of C&As (inserted sheets) 1902 C&A Family Registar Text Copyright (c) 2004 Ruby Bushyhead C&A Family Heirship and Estate Testimonies compiled by John L. Sipe, Jr.

Watonga Republican Newspaper, May 12, 1921, Thursday.
The C&A council held a meeting at Watonga, Okla., on Friday last. A struggle occurred between the younger educated leaders and the older, traditional leaders.
The council decided to go to Washington and present tribal claims to the Black Hills (South Dakota), which was signed away years ago without tribal authorization.
Temporary Chairman--Grant Left Hand but lapsed into Cheyenne quickly and the Arapahoes quickly found an interpreter.
President- Robert Burns- Concho
Vice- Pres.- Henry Rowlodge-Greenfield
Sec.-Jesse Rowlodge- Geary
Treas.- Ed Shield- Calumet
Delegates. Watonga--Deforest Antelope, Magpie, Little Hand, George Rearing Bull; Fay-- Turkey Legs and Chas, Starr; Concho--Robert Burns and Ed Shields; Calumet-- Mack Haag and Wm. Curtis; Geary--Jesse Rowlodge, Hail and Bird Chief; Clinton-- Alfrich Heap of Birds; Colony--Alfred Wilson and Left hand; Hammon-- Standing Water and Howling Water, Cantonment-- Ernie Black, White Wolf and Geo. Curtis; Carlton and Canton-- Henry Lincoln, Joe Williams, Frank Harrington, Little Raven, White Shirt, Bringing Good and Rabbit Run, Kingfisher-- Sampson Kelly, Sore Head, Henry Starr and John Block.

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From NARA file E1328:201 Genevieve Bell index:

Kise Williams (aka Short Nose)
Full blood Cheyenne from C&A Agency
Father: White Horse (brave), living. Mother: living.
Age at arrival 22
Date of arrival: Feb 3, 1881
Height: 68" Weight: 147 lb.
Departed 5/6/1886
Term of enrollment 3 years
Trained as harnessmaker
Deceased by 1/1/1904

Hello Barbara,
My grandmother attended Carlise Indian School. I'm not sure of the year, but it must have been around 1910-1912.   Her name was
Eva Williams and she was from Bayfield, Wi.
Thank You,
Paulette Carr

Susan Lonj@reth Literary Society.
The program rendered by the
Susan Longstreth Literary Society
last Friday evening was as follows:
Song, Susans; dialogue, Jeanette
Pappin, Sadie Metoxen, Mamie Hall,
Mamie Moder, Blanche Hall; piano
solo, Gertrude Bresette; impromptu,
Dorothy Morris; instrumental duet,
Cecelia Wheelock and Frances Dun-
bar; - Indian legend, -Addie Hover--
male; vocal solo, Anna Canoe.
On the question, Resolved, “That
aeroplanes will be useful in time of
war, ” the -affirmative speakers were
Eva Williams and Mary Cornelius;
negatives, Ethel Martell and Abbie.
Somers. The judges called it a tie,
There were no official visitors.
February 23, 1912 ARROW